Aquafun Dubai: Best Attractions, Location & Timing

Aquafun Dubai one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, it is located opposite the Jumeirah Beach Residence on an area of 2700 square meters and includes about 74 fun games for adults and children such as water slides, and many activities can be done in it such as swimming, kayaking or diving, and diving.

Aquafun Dubai Tour

Aquafun Dubai is a popular destination for lovers of relaxing under the clear sun and enjoying the stunning views of the blue sea and the bright yellow sand on the shore of the Arabian Gulf.

Things to do in Aquafun Dubai

Facilities at Aqua Art Dubai

Aquafun Dubai

The Aqua Art Dubai park includes a range of facilities that provide visitors with the utmost comfort to ensure absolute pleasure away from stress.

Shower and toilets area

Shower and toilets area

Perhaps one of the things that people who go to the beach need most is bathing areas. If you are visiting Aqua Art Dubai, you will be happy to know that there are bathing areas that meet international entertainment standards to ensure the comfort of visitors. Another good thing is the availability of toilets with high-end finishes.

It should be noted that both the shower area and toilets are a 5-minute walk from the reception area of ​​Dubai’s Aqua Fun Park.

Car parking

Car parking is one of the things that visitors care most about, as the lack of it may cause severe anxiety and spoil the atmosphere of fun. Therefore, the management of the Aqua Art Dubai Park has allocated parking spaces in the JBR area for visitors to the park only.

Private tent

Private tent

If you need a place to relax after spending time playing in water obstacles, you can request a private tent and take a rest.

Beach lounge

Beach lounge

You can enjoy spending time in the lounge that has been allocated a place on the beach, and you can also spend a wonderful time if you have booked a birthday.

It is also worth noting that the Aqua Fun Dubai theme park includes a group of lifeguards who have been trained according to the highest international standards.

Aquafun Dubai Tickets Price

As for the prices of tickets for Aqua Fun Dubai, we will give you an overview, which are:

  • Child tickets: AED 126 (6-11 years)
  • Adult tickets: 150 AED (+ 11 years)
  • Group tickets: 115.5 AED / person (4 or more)
  • Corporate tickets: 90 AED / person

The Aqua Fun Birthday packages:

  • Sand Package: AED 300
  • Waves Package: AED 500
  • Aqua Fun Birthday: AED 800

It is also worth noting that you can book tickets online, all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Choose the type of tickets that best suit your need
  • Select your go date
  • Make an online payment
  • You will receive electronic tickets allowing you to benefit from the park

Aquafun Dubai Timing

Monday9 AM–6:15 PM

Dubai AquaFun contact details

055 843 1130

Hotels near Aquafun Dubai

Barracuda Beach Resort

Sofitel Palm Dubai Resort and Spa

One of the best hotels in Dubai near the Dubai Aqua Fun theme park and features rooms and suites equipped with the latest modern décor and tasteful furnishings.

The resort enjoys an outdoor swimming pool, with a charming view from the balconies to see Dreamland Water Park, which is located close to it, about 1 km away. Read more.

Sofitel Palm Dubai Resort and Spa

Sofitel Palm Dubai Resort and Spa

One of the best hotels in Dubai near Aqua Fun Dubai, as it is located on the amazing Palm Jumeirah.

It features distinctive views of the Polynesian islands and a green-walled lobby with more than 170 species of the finest French plants. Read more.

How to reach Aquafun Dubai

AquaFun Dubai is easily accessible via bus, metro, taxi, and private transfers. By Bus: Take the route F55A or 84 to reach here. By Metro: Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina are the nearest metro stations to this park. By Tram: Get off at Tram Station 2 which is just 10 minutes away from the park.

Aquafun Dubai Location

Aqua Fun Dubai location: Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Other Information about Aquafun Dubai

The Aqua Art Dubai park is located a short distance from the JBR and is one of the most famous water games in Dubai, and it also keeps its doors open to receive visitors throughout the year, and the games and events of the Aqua Art Dubai park include dozens of water obstacles that invite participants from children and adults to climb And jumping in an atmosphere full of challenge and fun.

It should be noted that one of the most important features of this water park is that it is located in the middle of the sea, which will increase the fun and fun in the nice atmosphere and beautiful scenery in Dubai, as this water park is classified among the top 5 water parks in Dubai, and it is also the largest inflatable water park in Dubai.

The park helps burn calories, so many people aim to achieve this goal, as playing for an hour or more contributes to burning between 500 and 1,300 calories.

“Aqua Fun” is the largest inflatable water park in the world and includes the tallest and highest water slides on an area of 2,700 square meters in addition to 74 different games for climbing, jumping, and skating.

This park is located 20 meters into the sea opposite the “Jumeirah Beach Residence” area, and its doors remain open to visitors throughout the year, making it the favorite entertainment destination for everyone in Dubai.

The design of the “Aqua Fun” garden from the top forms the word Dubai in both Arabic and English, which adds to the splendor of this leisure destination suitable for adults and children.

Questions & Answers about Aquafun Dubai

Is action video recording also provided?

You have to pay(not much)

What is the price for kids and adults؟

Tickets :
AED 157.50 per adult
AED 126 per kid 6-12
AED 115.50 per person for the groups of 4 or more

From where we can get ticket?

You can get it directly from the venue itself or you can book online! There are many sites in which you can book them!

Is Aqua water park is at JBR beach… And water park swimming costume available there ? or should I carry the costume with me ?

Aqua fun is at JBR beach, you can bring your own swimming costume or buy from the beach. There is no restrictions as such on clothes for Aqua Fun, life jacket will be provided ,which is inclusive of the price you paid for the ticket at Aqua Fun.

Should I know how to swim?

Not required They will provide with a life jacket That will be sufficient for not drowning.

What Places to visit near Aquafun Dubai?

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is an affluent residential neighborhood known for The Beach at JBR, a leisure complex with alfresco dining and sandy stretches to relax on. Smart cafes and pop-up craft markets line the waterside promenade Dubai Marina Walk, while Dubai Marina Mall is packed with chain and luxury fashion brands. Upscale yachts cruise through the large man-made marina, where activities range from jet-skiing to skydiving.

Skydive Dubai
Skydiving center offering tandem parachuting along with photos & video, plus gyrocopter tours.

What Restaurant to visit near Aquafun Dubai?

The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill, JBR
Exceptional service. Recommend sitting outdoors. They have great cocktails, a lovely variety of oysters, great options for surf and turf, and yummy desserts. Such a relaxed atmosphere with really tasty food and friendly staff.
Couqley French Bistro & Bar
they have managed to create an environment where you finally belong and with a very French environment (the staff even speak French!)