Dubai Butterfly Garden: Discover Activities, Tickets price, Timing

Dubai Butterfly Garden
Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden is the most beautiful among Dubai’s gardens, and it is the latest innovation of the Emirate of Dubai to become the twin of the flower garden in Dubai

Dubai Butterfly Garden is closer to the imagination, with the brilliance of its colors and the magic of its details, and it is a new aesthetic icon and has attracted many visitors coming to visit the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai.

Dubai Butterfly Garden was established next to Dubai Miracle Garden, and it is the largest butterfly garden in the world, and it is called the Dubai Butterfly Village, as it includes 15 thousand butterflies of various types and shapes.

The park, with its various sections, is an attraction that attracts the attention of all age groups, and in its corners and corridors, a group of distinct horizontal and vertical designs is spread in formations of flowers, roses, and plants in more than 60 different colors.

The park consists of a museum and an educational zone that explains the stages of the growth of butterflies and their types. 

The garden cinema displays educational documentary films, in addition to the Koi Pond aquariums that contain various types of fish.

Butterflies are divided into 10 different domes. These domes are spread throughout the 6,763 square meter park, where each of these domes embraces thousands of butterflies. 

The climate is controlled within these domes to achieve a suitable environment for different butterfly species.

Dubai Butterfly Garden
Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden Tour 

Things To Do

The park includes distinctive designs using flowers such as “Burj Khalifa”, another for “Emirates Eagle”, in addition to the “Corridor of Hearts”, “Colorful Umbrella Walk”, “Arches Corridor” and “River of Flowers”. 



The domes at the Dubai Butterfly Garden are one of the main attractions of the place. Each path is lined with vibrant foliage while ivy hanging from the ceiling completes the natural look.

Go further and prepare to be greeted by madly fluttering butterflies – chasing some easy-to-use ones around the dome, flying high above the ceiling, or perched on feeding stations like hanging trays of nectar or fruit scattered throughout the space.

For a more immersive experience, sit at the watch in the watch that is in the all-around watch, and let the butterflies come to you – it’s a way to keep an eye on the species and the beautiful ones, as well as prevent visitors from accidentally stomping on them.



Butterfly Garden in Dubai – The domes in the garden are maintained at 24 ° C and closely monitored and natural lighting and plants hanging across space complete the natural look.

Attempts have been made to supplement the recorded bird sounds with occasional chirps of real canaries, parakeets, and parrots in cages scattered across space. Maintaining success in normal life.

Butterfly Museum

Butterfly Museum
Butterfly Museum

The first room in the garden is the interior of the Butterfly Museum which is cut from different parts, and paintings made by thousands of pressurized butterflies from all over the world. A notable piece is a mural of the Crown Prince of Dubai.

School district

School district

The main premise of this indoor butterfly garden in Dubai is to educate the masses. Visitors can see the actual life cycle of butterflies from the pupal stage to adulthood and gain further insight into their transformation.

To make the most of their visit, the Dubai Butterfly Garden provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about different types of butterflies and learn about them.

The areas that can be transmitted are visible butterflies, white angular sulfur, monarch, red edge, African queen, Jay, and Doris the Great, Eggfly, Orange Oakleaf, Owl Butterfly, Clipper, and Golden Birdwing to name a few.

To add to the educational experience, there is a large selection of animations, butterfly life cycle videos, and films for young visitors.

Dinner options

Dinner options
Dinner options

That’s a watch that’s enough for anyone to get hungry. Fortunately, suddenly visiting a food stall is enough to blot it out of the pain. Other food outlets include a Starbucks coffee shop and a candy store.

These restaurants offer a variety of coffee, fruits, juices, ice cream, and desserts, and they ensure that you are not limited to dining out.



In addition to serving as a botanical garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden also offers prime land for travel agencies. Discounted rates are offered for group bookings. 

Additionally, the park also hosts events such as corporate team-building activities, birthdays, and even weddings. 

The flower pyramids are among the most prominent models in the park, which also includes flower houses with beautiful designs, in addition to an area dedicated to birthday celebrations, and another for classic cars.

The outdoor garden is distinguished by its wonderful design in the shape of a large butterfly made of various wonderful roses.

You can see the butterflies surrounding their colorful wings in the garden space. You can also see a large number of different flowers and plants, which are suitable for the life of butterflies.

You can see 9 buildings, each of which comes in the form of a dome, where you can stroll inside the domes, enjoying the magnificence of the view. 

Inside the domes, there are special passages for visitors, as you can see the butterflies while eating their food, and visitors are prevented from catching butterflies or flowers, and they are forbidden to feed them.

You can also see the art museum full of paintings made of mummified butterflies to benefit from them after their death.

After completing the tour in the Dubai Butterfly Garden, you can go to the cafe and get some food and soft drinks.

You can also visit the gift shops, which are designed in the shape of a butterfly.

Koa pond

It is located in dome 2, and it is hard to miss the koi pond. Filled with much marine fish of various sizes, the pond is a great place to take pictures. 

The sound of running water gives a calming effect to the cacophony of birds in the indoor space.

Tickets Price

Here are the prices for tickets to the Butterfly Garden in Dubai:

– Ticket for 3 years and above: 55 AED.
– Children under 3 years and people of determination: Free.


The Dubai Butterfly Garden has set the working hours, as the garden opens its doors daily to visitors from Morning 09:00 AM to the Night 09:00 PM.


The park is located next to the Flower Garden located in Dubailand in the South Al Barsha area.

Hotels Nearby

Ghaya Grand Hotel

Ghaya Grand Hotel

A 5-star hotel with a very good rating among the best hotels in Dubai, as it is less than 15 minutes away from the park by car.

The hotel got very good reviews in terms of cleanliness, staff, services, and comfort. Read more.

Auris Plaza Hotel

Auris Plaza Hotel

A 5-star rating with a very good rating among the best hotels in Dubai, as it is less than 20 minutes away from the park by car.

The hotel received very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, staff, and comfort. Read more.

How to Reach

By Bus: You can take RTA Bus No. 105 directly to the Dubai Butterfly Garden within 15-20 minutes for 5 Dirhams only.

You can also take a Dubai Sightseeing Bus, which will drop you directly at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Contact Details

– Contact: +971-4-422-8902

– Email:

People Also Ask

How do I get to Dubai butterfly garden?

By Bus: You can take RTA Bus No. 105 which will take you directly to the Dubai Butterfly Garden within 15-20 minutes for 5 Dirhams only.
You can also take a Dubai Sightseeing Bus, which will drop you directly at Dubai Miracle Garden.

How much is the ticket for the Butterfly Garden?

Price of tickets for Dubai Butterfly Garden: AED 55 (for adults and children 3 years and above) | Free for disabled visitors and kids aged below 

How to contact butterfly garden?

 Contact: +971-4-422-8902.

What are the rules of the butterfly garden in Dubai?

Like other recreational facilities in the United Arab Emirates, the Butterfly Garden in Dubai has rules in place to ensure visitors enjoy their time in the park:
It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drinks inside the garden as they can attract predatory insects that can harm the butterflies.
Children are under adult supervision at all times
Management is not responsible for any lost belongings
Visitors are advised to keep an eye on their steps while walking around the domes to avoid stepping on butterflies
Visitors should avoid disturbing the butterflies while they are being fed and should not be caught
Visitors should avoid touching the butterfly’s wing or any other area that may render them unable to fly
Entry to restricted areas is strictly prohibited.

What are the restaurants near Dubai Butterfly Garden?

There are many restaurants so we will suggest the followings:
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– Smart cook Restaurant: Good and tasty food. loved chicken chili. Everything is delicious and very close to the miracle garden. They have so many varieties.

What tourist places are near Dubai Butterfly Garden?

– Al-Azhar Park: A place for plants and flowers. A paradise for garden lovers. Miracle Garden Dubai.
– Dubai Miracle Garden: One of the must-visit places in Dubai. There is an entry fee to this Miracle Garden. Lot more to walk through. You will get tired of its in the summer season. It’s better to visit in the winter season evening