Dubai Creek Tower: All you need to Know 2022

Dubai Creek Tower is a distinctive landmark added to the list of tourist places in Dubai.

Tourists from around the world flock to visit Creek Tower and climb the viewing platform.

The tower design mimic a shape of a desert lily flower, and the structure of the tower represents the flower stalk.

The structure is linked to the project floor via strong cables inspired by the shape of lily leaves.

It holds an important position as it is one of the places that witnessed prominent events in the history of ancient Dubai, and the tower is located close to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower Tour 

Things to do

The Stunning View

Dubai Creek Tower

You can enjoy the stunning views from the roof of the tower or from one of its windows that overlook the finest and most luxurious streets of Dubai.

Take a Tour

Dubai Creek Tower

You can go on a tour and learn about the observation platforms that include the Creek Tower, knowing that they overlook the four sides of the Dubai Creek.

You can wander in the main hall of the tower which is called the summit hall and then visit the large gardens in it.


Dubai Creek Tower

You can buy all the clothes, gifts, souvenirs and many other things you need from one of the shopping centers and malls that surround Creek Tower, after which you can eat a meal in one of the restaurants near it.

Tickets Price

  • Entrance tickets to Creek Tower are about 100 dirhams for adults and 75 dirhams for children from 3 years to 12 years old.
  • Knowing that you can buy an urgent visit ticket to the tower for 220 dirhams.


Dubai Creek restaurants
Dubai Creek restaurants

Kobe Sizzlers – UAE

Good and economical food, friendly staff, nice ambiance, good seating arrangements with glass separators.

They have a nice party hall upstairs. Kept Sanitizer on every table and they always use to offer nice discounts too.


Located in the business bay area, Herbz serves good food, has an outdoor seating arrangement, and the prices are moderate. 


The tower is available for visiting all days of the week around the clock.


Dubai Creek Tower is the tallest tower in Dubai and the world, a tower within the waterfront project next to Dubai Creek

Places Nearby

Sports City

Dubai Sports City embodies a model for the first integrated sports city in the emirate of Dubai, as it includes various sports facilities and equipment, not to mention residential and commercial towers, educational institutions, restaurants, and other services and facilities that meet with each other to form a detailed panel on the lifestyle and housing in Dubai Sports City. 

Al Seef Dubai

Al Seef Dubai

Al Seef District Dubai occupies a strategic location on the banks of the Dubai Creek, and the Creek area maintains a prominent position due to its heritage importance. 

Al Seef Beach Dubai used to be a major site for diving and searching for pearls, and it continues to have an important position to this day as it is considered an important path used by fishermen and merchants.

Hotels Nearby

York International Hotel Dubai

York International Hotel Dubai

One of the best budget hotels in Dubai. It is only 8.8 km from the Creek Tower in Dubai.

The hotel received good reviews for the cleanliness and size of the rooms, but some visitors complained about the poor service. Read more.

Four Point Hotel by Sheraton Dubai

Four Point Hotel by Sheraton Dubai

One of the best 4-star hotels in the UAE, Dubai, and it is only 5.9 km from Dubai Creek.

This hotel has received excellent reviews from the majority of customers in terms of services, location, and staff. Read more.

How to Reach

Here are the different ways that you can get to Dubai Creek Tower.

  • Bus: Route 27, 4 and C7
  • Metro: M1 road
  • Car: Take Ras Al Khor Road / E44 and exit towards Dubai Creek Harbor

Contact Details

Phone: +97145672030

Other Information

  • The viewing platforms in Al Khor Tower are expected to extend from 800 meters to 900 meters and consist of rotating glass balconies emanating from the tower structure.
  • A 360-degree rotating observation deck at the top of the tower
  • The height of the tower rises from 900 meters to nearly 1190 meters.

People also ask

Is Dubai Creek Tower residential?

The Dubai Creek Tower by Emaar is located at the Dubai Creek Harbour – a mixed-use development by Emaar that is set to become the ultimate residential, commercial, retail, and entertainment destination of the city. … Dubai is no stranger to sky-high towers.

Will Dubai Creek Tower be taller than Jeddah tower?

If it will be over 1300 meters tall, then it will become the tallest tower and tallest man-made structure in the world, as it can be sure that the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is not likely going to be that high.

How tall will be Dubai Creek Tower?

2,717 ft

Where is Dubai Creek Tower being built?

Dubai Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What is the type of tower?

Broadcast, restaurant, and observation tower