Dubai Crocodile Park: Best Attractions, Location & Timing

Dubai Crocodile Park is one of Dubai’s most prominent tourist attractions, and it was also created and developed according to the French style, through which crocodile gardens were established and developed in France.

The crocodile park is located on an area of ​​more than twenty thousand square meters, which is, of course, It is a nature reserve.

Dubai Crocodile Park

The main goal of establishing a crocodile park project in Dubai is to protect all species of crocodiles and their various types from the ghost of the yard, and the park also displays the life cycle of crocodiles, and all stages of their life, from the stage of laying eggs, to reproduction and their family life forms.

Dubai Crocodile Park Tour

 The crocodile park in Dubai is one of the most important parks in Dubai, despite it being more like a natural reserve for crocodiles, and the park includes multiple types of crocodiles of different factions, to keep them from extinction, and therefore the crocodile park in Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Emirates.

Things to do In Dubai Crocodile Park

There are many recreational activities that you can do in Crocodile Park in Dubai to spend the most enjoyable time, including these activities.

Walk around in the green

Crocodile Park in Dubai includes vast green spaces that allow you to relax and relax in it, or take some memorial photos to document your beautiful moments.

Dubai Crocodile Park

Walking paths

You can jog or walk in the shaded paths of the park, which are surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes.

Feed the crocodiles

Dubai Crocodile Park

You can feed crocodiles in the garden, but under the supervision of professionals

Certainly, you will not miss the opportunity to feed crocodiles, as the park provides a group of guides who specialize in crocodiles and raise them to supervise and assist you in feeding the crocodiles, but if you do not want to do so, you can suffice with watching and remote monitoring.

Visit the Nile crocodiles

Dubai Crocodile Park

The park allocates a basin for the Nile crocodiles, known for their enormous size and strength, as they are the second largest reptiles remaining in the world in size after the saltwater crocodile.

Then you can see and observe the crocodiles from the suspension bridges available for this purpose, and you can also help in feeding them accompanied by professional guides.

During your visit to the park, you must pass through the basin that embraces the huge Nile crocodiles, which are distinguished from others by their size and mottled color.

Crocodile Park in Dubai includes pedestrian paths surrounded by a picturesque green nature, which you can take advantage of if you love walking and running.

 The crocodile park also includes large green spaces and umbrellas suitable for a family picnic, where you can enjoy spending some nice time together.

At the beginning of your tour in Dubai Crocodile Park, you can enjoy wandering around the park to learn about its most important features on foot with family or friends, and in the meantime, take some memorial photos in the park.

Do not miss taking interesting pictures with crocodiles, while you watch them from over the suspension bridges designated for walking around the park, and do not miss the fun of feeding the crocodiles with the help of guides in the park as well as where the crocodiles are.

Crocodile Garden in Dubai includes the basin dedicated to the Nile crocodiles, those huge crocodiles with a strong build and spotted body, those crocodiles are the most important species of crocodiles in the park.

Pictures and Souvenirs

Dubai Crocodile Park
Dubai Crocodile Park

You can enjoy the picturesque nature in the crocodile park, and wander among that charming nature through the pedestrian paths, and if you are a fan of jogging, this place is one of the most suitable places for that.

In the event that you visit the crocodile park in Dubai with your family, the park allocates large green spaces suitable for family gatherings, and suitable umbrellas to enjoy a family picnic, to spend a nice time in the imaginative green atmosphere.

Do not miss a visit to Dubai Safari Park to see more than 2,500 wild and domestic animals, and Crocodile Park Dubai is about a few meters away on foot.

Dubai Crocodile Park Tickets Price

  • For adults, 50 dirhams
  • For children, 20 dirhams

Dubai Crocodile Park Timing

Every day from 9 am to 8 pm, except for the Sunday Park Weekend.

Dubai Crocodile Park Location

The Dubai Crocodile Park shares the location of Mushrif Park in the northeast of the emirate, specifically in the Mushrif area, it is worth noting that the crocodile park is located adjacent to Mushrif Park and not inside it, as is common among many people.

Hotels near Dubai Crocodile Park

The Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City

The Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City

5-star hotel in the Emirates Dubai with great reviews, 10.3 km from Dubai Crocodile Park. The location is excellent and close to services, the staff is very helpful, the rooms are comfortable. Read more.

The Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf

The Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf
The Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf

5-star hotel in the Emirates, Dubai, with very good reviews, and is 15 kilometers from Dubai Crocodile Park. The location is excellent and quiet, the staff is helpful and friendly, the services are outstanding. Read more.

Dubai Crocodile Park Contact Details

For any inquiries, you can call the following Dubai Crocodile Park number: 800 900.

Other Information about Crocodile Park Dubai

The establishment and development of the Dubai Crocodile Park, according to the crocodile parks in France, and it extends over an area of ​​more than 20000 square meters.

The Dubai Crocodile Park is a very safe natural reserve for the life of hundreds of crocodiles, and it is one of the UAE’s most prominent tourist destinations in Dubai.

The park includes many different types of crocodiles, most notably the huge Nile crocodile, which is the largest freshwater creature on the planet.

The park was established to house and preserve the endangered species of crocodiles, as well as showcasing their life cycle from laying eggs to their family life.

The Dubai Crocodile Park is one of the important projects that have been implemented with environmentally friendly natural resources, as well as the use of renewable energy.

The Dubai crocodile park is a safe place to preserve the life of wild crocodiles, as it is a natural reserve for crocodiles in Dubai and a completely safe haven for hundreds of different crocodile species, the most important of which is the Nile crocodile, which is the largest creature that lives in fresh water on the surface Planet.

Dubai Crocodile Park was opened near Mushrif Park, one of the most famous parks in Dubai, on an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, at a cost of 25 million dirhams.

It is worth noting that Crocodile Park Dubai is one of the most important projects that have been implemented depending on natural resources, and environmentally friendly materials, in addition to the use during the construction and development of the crocodile park in Dubai with various forms of renewable energy, we offer you the most important things to know about the Dubai Crocodile Park So that visitors to the Crocodile Park can enjoy visiting it if you plan to enjoy a trip to Dubai Safari Park.

Questions & Answers about Crocodile Park Dubai

What Places to visit near Crocodile Park Dubai?

Dubai Safari Park
Dubai Safari Park is located a few meters from Crocodile Park and houses about 2,500 wild and domestic animals.
You can start walking around the park with you and your family to learn about its features, and to enjoy taking some memorial photos of the place.

Is it open now?

No not yet, will be open this year. Definitely worth the wait!

What Restaurant near Crocodile Park Dubai?

Oregano Restaurants Mirdiff
This place offers one nice thing especially during this covid 19 time because it allows you to make your own pizza at home with very small and simple steps so you can enjoy the piazza you love but at home and you are the chef first of all you.
Best place for quick refueling and food. you would Love their burgers as it is huge and filling. Their lunch deals are also great savers. Curly fries are definitely a family favorite. Star nuggets are kids’ favorite for sure.

Can you feed crocodiles at Crocodile Park Dubai?

yes, you can

How do you know about the information of crocodiles?

During the feeding time, zoo keepers will answer questions and share information about the magnificent Nile creatures’ habitats, natural behaviors and the dangers they face in the wildlife.

can you take Pictures with crocodiles?