Dubai Dolphin Bay: Best 7 Activities, Tickets Price & Timing

Are you ready for a thrilling alluring experience adventure with dolphins face to face ?, Your trip to the area of Palm Jumeirah is not complete if you didn’t visit Dubai dolphin bay, which is considered one of the finest artificial islands in the world.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit Dolphin Bay, you are missing one of the largest artificial habitats of dolphins in the world. Palm Islands is one of the most popular tourist places in Dubai, especially among families.

Dubai dolphin bay Tour

Get ready for an enjoyable unforgettable experience reaching Dolphin Bay, whether you are an Atlantis hotel guest or not, you will be able to interact with the dolphins, and you will be close to them and even interact with them in a very exciting way.

You can choose to dive to see dolphins underwater and swim with them, or be patted on them from above the water surface.

Things to do in Dubai dolphin bay:

Enjoy different and exciting water activities when you cross the gate of Dolphin Bay. You will also watch live exotic and rare fish from a distance and be close to them by practicing one of the following activities:


  • Dolphin Bay educational programs

If you are a fan of education and want more information about what marine mammal specialists do daily in addition to learning about dolphins, sea lion biology, ocean conservation, and more? This is the perfect choice for getting what you want. Reading or indoctrination in learning only may not have the same effect as a live experience, and this is what the educational program relied on in Dolphin Bay

    •  The duration of the educational presentation is two hours, including a full 15 minutes held interactively directly in a shallow water basin with dolphins.
    • The number of children in each program is only 30 children.
    • The program starts at half-past eight in the morning every day.
    •  Children from the age of six years and more can touch dolphins and listen to a complete explanation of dolphins and marine mammals in an interesting presentation
Dubai dolphin bay
Dubai dolphin bay


  •  Meet the dolphins

If you are a professional in swimming or not good at it, you will be able to be in one pool with dolphins in shallow water, and this is suitable for the presence of young and old. You can be close to dolphins, embrace them, dance with them, and enjoy their distinctive movements for up to 30 minutes.

Dubai dolphin bay
Dubai dolphin bay


  •  Swimming with dolphins

Would you like to swim with dolphins? Here’s the opportunity to enjoy an imaginative swimming experience with the help of four dolphins. All you do is lie flat on a yogi board, hold in your hands the fins of two dolphins on their back, and two more dolphins push your feet from the back, without making an effort to move your feet or arms, but you must be good at swimming to practice this activity.

Dubai dolphin bay
Dubai dolphin bay


  • Dive with dolphins

If you love diving, you can dive into the depths of the Ambassador Lagoon with one of the professional divers of Dolphin Bay to see the huge and frightening fish and approach them and touch them without fear.

Dubai dolphin bay
Dubai dolphin bay


  • Take a picture with the dolphins

Is there a better way to immortalize these memories than to take some pictures with them? This activity includes 10 minutes of fun with dolphins without even going into the water. Despite this, you can interact with these animals and get the best souvenir pictures. If you do not prefer going down to the water to meet the dolphins, they will come to you to touch them and take pictures with them.


  • Visit the Lost Chambers

Just thinking about walking and crossing a glass underground tunnel and the water surrounds you from every direction and you see hundreds of marine creatures swimming around you, motivating you to go through this experience, Enjoy crossing the Aquarium Tunnel of The Lost Chambers, to enjoy this experience.

Dubai dolphin bay9


  • Aquaventure Water Park

All that is innovative and exciting of water games you will find in the Aquaventure Park, such as surfs up wave rider, where the enthusiastically designed Aqua Park, the multiple swimming pools and the private beach of the park, all of these elements guarantee you an entertaining day at the highest level of luxury and pleasure

Dubai dolphin bay
Dubai dolphin bay


Dubai Dolphin Bay prices

If you are a guest of the Atlantis resort, you will enjoy a great discount on visiting Dolphin Bay and watching any of its different offers and prices are as follows:

meet dolphins in shallow water625
swim with the dolphins or dive with them in the Ambassador Lagoon810 (adults only)
take pictures and watch dolphins100

If you are not a guest of the Atlantis hotel, the prices are as follows:

meet dolphins in shallow water790
swim with the dolphins or dive with them in the Ambassador Lagoon975 (adults only)
take pictures and watch dolphins300
  • Enjoy a 25% discount when visiting The Lost Chambers Aquarium when you visit on the same day Dubai Dolphin Bay.
  • Get a 10% discount 7 days before the activity when you book from the official website.
  • When you book one ticket to visit the dolphins, you will get a free visit to the Aquaventure Water Park on the same day.


Dubai Dolphin Bay Restaurant

  • Hakkasan Dubai Restaurant

Excellent modern Chinese cuisine. A very good list with many items to enjoy.

  • Nobu Restaurant

One of Dubai’s most famous Japanese restaurants


Dubai Dolphin Bay Timing

Open daily 10:00 am – Sunset* (Closing time subject to change depending on the season).

Dubai Dolphin Bay Location

you can see Dubai dolphin bay on Google map here


Places to visit near Dubai Dolphin Bay

  • The Lost Chambers Basin

This aquarium contains more than 65,000 marine creatures and is the largest in Dubai

  •  Skydive Dubai

One of the best places for free parachute jumping from a height of up to 4000 meters, and you can see Palm Island during the parachute jump, and the price of one jump is 1700 AED.


Hotels near Dubai Dolphin Bay

The Atlantis Dubai the Palm Hotel is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Dubai, especially on the Palm Jumeirah island.

Atlantis Dubai the Palm
Atlantis Dubai the Palm


Elegant rooms with balconies in a luxury hotel with 3 restaurants and 2 bars, as well as a stylish spa

W Dubai - The Palm
W Dubai – The Palm


Dubai Dolphin Bay rules

  • While interacting with dolphins in the water, special equipment and supplies will be provided by the staff. You will not be allowed to wear your normal clothes. And that the plate of dolphins is taken into consideration, with the utmost consideration.
  • There will be a 30-minute check-in/change time before entering the water. Use this time to put your clothes in your lockers.
  • Before meeting the dolphins, there will be brief instructions by a marine mammal specialist, who will walk you through what you need to know before entering the water.
  • For divers, bring diving certificates with you. Nothing else would be viable.
  • Only 15 people are allowed per interaction.
  • Attendance on time, and any delay, the reservation will be canceled and the value of the reservation cannot be refunded.
  • Jewelry and accessories should be removed before entering the water basin.
  • Swimwear is not permitted except for those provided by the venue for visitors.
  • Private cameras are not allowed, but the photography service is provided for an additional fee.
  • Full compliance with the instructions of guides and divers before embarking on the adventure to avoid exposure to harm, whether to marine creatures or the person himself.
  • Children from 2 years old are allowed with an adult accompanying person.
  • Children from the age of 8 years are allowed to practice this activity.

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