Dubai Dolphinarium: Discover Dolphin Show, Tickets & Timing

Dubai Dolphinarium for dolphins in Dubai? Really? Yes, Dubai will never cease to surprise you with the number of activities that you can do on your tour inside its alleys, many activities, sports, and tourist places that you can enjoy to the fullest in Dubai

You will be able to watch the amazing dolphin shows, not only that but also the Creek Park Bird Show that will captivate you with the most wonderful birds in the Middle East.

Also you can watch them while doing dazzling tricks, and you can also swim with the dolphins, you will definitely have fun, keep an abundance of space in your phone, the pictures in this place are so wonderful that you want to photograph every moment with dolphins.

All that amount of fun that you can enjoy with your family and children in one place where you can swim with dolphins, take pictures, watch their special dance shows with their trainers, watch the bird creek show and you can also enter the mirror maze and enjoy your reflection everywhere around.

Did you know that Dubai Dolphinarium can also host your special events as holding birthdays for children with a trampoline yard for them, and here it comes to the big surprise where you can rent Dubai Dolphinarium exclusively, there is also a 5D & 7D cinema, and a gift shop, and of course if you felt hungry of course there are restaurants You can enjoy its food meals

Dubai Dolphinarium Tour

Do you want to spend a more wonderful time? Dubai Dolphinarium offers you a unique experience for tourists in the United Arab Emirates, and it is now considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai,

Things to do in Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin & Seal Show

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

You can’t miss watching these 45-minute indoor interactive shows that can dazzle you with their skill. With eyes sticking out, you can watch dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops, and create their own masterpiece!

In these shows, you can watch dolphins dance in a very fluid and harmonious way with each other in groups or individually.

Corporate Events

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

Did you know before that you can rent the Dolphin Show Hall to become yours exclusively to enjoy with your own company, whether it is family or employees and clients, the hall has 1250 indoor seat dolphin showroom, and 140 indoor seat bird showroom as well.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium not only does dolphin shows, it even presents one of the unique attractions of the UAE as it is presenting the first and only show of exotic birds in the Middle East – the Creek Bird Park Show!

You will discover that the bird brain theory is wrong as you watch the birds with amazing tricks. All this with a wonderful variety of green-winged macaws, Amazon parrots, blue & gold macaws, cockatoos, the sun conures, hornbill, toucans, and falcons & Eclectus parrots

Photo with Birds

Take many photos to keep for a lifetime with this variety of exotic birds to keep an unforgettable moment to remember how courageous you were!

And you can also enjoy feeding them with only 25 AED and get a chance to be close to them.

Dolphin Planet Interaction

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

If you are a person who loves to be more intimate and close to animals, try the imaginary swimming dolphins and interact with these amazing dolphins on a truly more intimate level.

Enjoy pulling dorsal fins or riding belly as well as being able to hug, kiss and dance with these mammals. The tour is of course supervised by expert trainers, who will be happy to tell you more about dolphin behavior, their natural habitats, and more. It’s perfect for courageous and confident swimmers.

Features of this program

  • Deepwater wet reaction
  • Suitable for children from 8 years old
  • Limited to 4 guests per session
  • Connect with dolphins with kisses, hugs, dancing, and high-energy behaviors.

Photo with the dolphins

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

every moment in your life is special in its own way, therefore take these distinctive pictures with dolphins, whether you are swimming with them in the swimming program or only after any dance show, professional photographers can produce the image exactly as you want

The Mystical Mirror Maze

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

Can you handle the craziness and excitement of the craziest baffling thrilling entertainment for kids and adults in Dubai? Then head to full speed to visit one of the most unique attractions and only maze in the United Arab Emirates.

A maze that confuses your mind in which you are challenged to find your way through a maze of puzzling mirrors and see your reflection in every aspect around!

5D & 7D Cinema

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

Go on a fun journey with an exhilarating variety of movies with Cinema 5D & 7D Physical Effects! The 3D shots contribute to bringing very good experiences with interactive movies that you can choose from, which is very popular in Dubai.


dubai dolphinarium
Dubai dolphinarium

Don’t leave a single chance for your muscles to rest while you jump, play, and move every cell in your body having the joy with your children with only 25 AED for adults and only 20 for kids

Gift Shop

dubai dolphinarium
Dubai dolphinarium

For every wonderful memory you make, you will, of course, need many gifts and souvenirs to always remind you of the fond memories there is a huge collection of gifts that you can choose between them to suit the exact taste you want and at prices, you will not be able to resist.

You can even take a dolphin home with you to enjoy with your child. Do not miss the chance to choose between a whole set of souvenirs, toys, custom T-shirt, and gifts

Kid’s Birthday Party

dubai dolphinarium
Dubai dolphinarium

Give your child the best birthday he would ever have in his life with the company of dolphins and exotic birds, many exciting activities that he may have there that make birthdays unforgettable. And you can book one for your kids from here

Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets Price 

Ticket TypeAdultChild (2-11 years old)
Dolphin & Seal Show Shows
Regular SeatsAED 105AED 50
VIP SeatsAED 125AED 85
Photo with the dolphin
Dolphin in the water84 AED
Dolphin on stage126 AED
Swimming photograph pics
Paper printed42 AED
Digital image21 AED
Creek Park Bird Show
Regular SeatsAED 50AED 30
Feed The Birds
25 AED
Dolphin Planet
ProgramMixed Group (Rate per Person) Private Group (Rate for 3 Persons)
Swim With DolphinsAED630AED2500
 25 AED20 AED

Dubai Dolphinarium Timing

Show Timings
Dolphin & Seal Show ShowsMonday to Saturday: 11am, 2pm &  6pm
Creek Park Bird Show12:15pm, 3:15pm &  7:15pm
Dolphin PlanetMonday to Saturday: 12:15pm, 3pm &  4pm
Session Timings12:15 PM – 4 PM

many packages and prices, book your seat here

Dubai Dolphinarium Restaurant

Happy Valley Restaurant serves a variety of foods of Asian origin Asia that will satisfy your taste buds and your budget in Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium Location

You can find the location on the map

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