Dubai Garden Glow: Tickets Price, Timing & How to Reach

Dubai Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is one of the most important tourist destinations in Dubai. The park was inaugurated on December 16, 2015, at Zabeel Park, Area B, and it consists of 4 main areas, which are the Luminous Garden, the Dubai Dinosaur Park, and the dazzling art and styles.

Dubai Garden Glow aims to send a message to the whole world that includes reducing carbon emissions and preserving the cleanliness of the land, as the garden is designed from recycled materials to reduce environmental and carbon pollution.

The magic garden is characterized by charming optical illusions in many ways that catch the eye, as 25 designs of geometric shapes with various visual effects that deceive the eyes were used in this wonderful garden.

The glowing park of Dubai at night is characterized by its inclusion of a group of wonders and dazzling figures for a large number of the most important landmarks of the United Arab Emirates and the world.

The Dubai Garden Glow garden, or what is known as the luminous garden, brings together the wonders of the whole world under one roof, taking the visitor on a comprehensive trip to various landmarks and sites across continents, where he finds himself on a visit to the “Maasai Mara” natural reserve in Kenya which is full of wild animals such as tigers and deer. And zebras and others, and sometimes at the farm of lily flowers with attractive colors similar to the colors of the rainbow.

This is in addition to the Dubai Dinosaur Park, which displays more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs that amaze visitors, which made it the largest dinosaur park in the region, and it includes a museum and a dinosaur laboratory, as the adventure is not complete without their visit. In addition to this, the park also hosts several events and live performances by local, regional, and international musical and artistic bands.

As for the splendor and the excitement, it lies in watching models of the landmarks of the Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular, such as the model of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which was designed from 90 thousand cups, saucers, and a decorative spoon with a length of 14 meters, in addition to the Burj Khalifa model, which was made from 330 thousand small medicine bottles filled with water Colorful and 16 meters long.

Finally, we would like to note that Dubai Garden Glow is the first park designed for entertainment and education at the same time, as it carries a social and environmental message aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of reducing carbon emissions and preserving the world through recycling, as well as being able to glow in the dark, which allows Visitors enjoy unforgettable moments with art displays by day and attractive lights at night.

Dubai Garden Glow

Things To Do

  • You and your family can start your visit at the Dubai Lights Park, the illuminated park that focuses on saving energy and conserving wildlife.
  • Then you can visit the Peacock Tunnel, the Happy Tree, and the Happiness Street, and take some pictures to share on the My Dubai hashtag on social media.
  • Discover a world of color, magic, and imagination in displaying the wonderful world of color, uniquely designed with the effects of beautiful laser lights.
  • You must take some pictures in the colorful tunnel, and in the happy forest, where the charming visual representation of nature and wildlife.
  • And don’t forget to visit the largest ice park, which includes many snow sculptures made using more than 5,000 tons of snow.
  • Of course, you can visit the dinosaur park, where children’s education blends by providing more interaction and interactive elements with entertainment and family fun.
  • You can also enjoy the kids’ favorite magical nights, where colorful giant lanterns, carvings, and luminous animal statues are inspired by wildlife.
  • And do not forget to go through the marine world, which is the first amusement park dedicated to marine games in the UAE, with the latest technologies that will attract visitors.
Dubai Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow

Tickets Price

The prices of the Dubai Garden Glow tickets:
– For adults: 65 AED and include the glowing garden and the dinosaur park.
– For children under 3 years: Free.


– Saturday – Thursday: 05:00 PM – 11:00 PM.
– Friday and public holidays: 5:00 pm – 12:00 midnight


– Location: Zabeel Park, Gates 6 and 7, Dubai

Hotels Nearby

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Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

One of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai, 2.9 kilometers from the luminous park in Dubai.

The location is excellent and close to the Burj Khalifa, the breakfast is varied and delicious, the rooms are comfortable. Read more.

The Fairmont Dubai

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How to Reach

Visitors can take Metro Red Line from Dubai International Airport (terminal 3) to Al Jafiliya Metro Station, which is the nearest metro station to Dubai Garden Glow.

From the metro station to entrance gate 6 or 7 of Dubai Garden Glow, visitors can either engage a cab or travel by foot.

Contact Number

– Dubai Garden Glow Contact number: 0559188126

Other Information

The fifth season of the illuminated park Dubai was opened under the slogan “Back to Nature,” which adds a touch of imagination and surprise in this glowing garden, accompanied by 500 animal figures, shapes, and illuminated designs. This picturesque garden appeared with a new look at its opening, as the magical garden was launched for the first time.

Dubai Garden Glow extends over an area of ​​160,000 square meters, and the cost of its construction was about 30 million dirhams, and Dubai Municipality assumed responsibility for its inauguration and completion of its works.

People Also Ask

What is Garden Glow?

Garden Glow surrounds visitors with a spectacle of dazzling installations amid some of the Garden’s most iconic locations. Enjoy photo opportunities, traditional holiday music, and festivities, and delicious food and drinks as the Garden is transformed around you into a winter wonderland. Learn more about Garden Glow.

How much is the entrance fee in Dubai Garden Glow?

The tickets are priced at AED 65 per entrant including VAT for (Dinosaur Park + Glow Park). Children up to the age of 3 years are free.

How do you get to Dubai Garden Glow?

The park is located in Zabeel Park, the nearest metro station is “Al Jafliyah” and from there you can take a taxi.

Is there a separate entry fee for the magic park in the new season?

All have the same entry. Ticket counters are also the same.

What is the best time of the day to visit Dubai Garden Glow?

Though the Park opens at 4:00 p.m., the best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow is just before sunset, around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. As the twilight zone turns into night, the Park transforms from an art arena to a glittering visual masterpiece.

Can I carry food inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Outside food & drinks are not allowed inside the Park.

Is there parking space available at Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes. Parking is available at Zabeel Park.

What is unique about the Dubai Garden Glow?

The unique thing about Dubai Garden Glow is the creation of an exemplary exhibition of an epic-sized replica of flora and fauna, dinosaur animatronics, icy sculptural park with gigantic animal figurines and monumental structures and artwork with reclaimable objects and energy-efficient lighting bulbs by hundreds of engineers, architects and artisans using state-of-the-art technology, innovation and creativity.

Can I click pictures inside Dubai Garden Glow?

Yes. Visitors are allowed to take snapshots or videos inside Dubai garden Glow.

What Places to visit near Dubai Garden Glow?

Zabeel Park: Good Park to hang out with your family and friends. A big park and maintained very well. Kids are going to like it, they got a good play area. Inside you could see some shops if you like to buy something to eat.
Dubai Frame: Unique, 150-m-tall building resembling a picture frame, with historic displays & panoramic views. Dubai Frame is one of the newest acquisitions (2018) in the city, located in Zabeel Park, next to the SZR. It has amazing views, from one side you can contemplate the old Dubai and from the other the modern Dubai.

What Restaurant to visit near Dubai Garden Glow?

Puranmal: Trendy and elegant Greek restaurant. Beautiful decor and ambiance. Life music, Greek dances, and the breaking of plates add to the liveliness of this place. Food is very good and some of the items like the baklava are innovative.
Ballarò Dubai: Very nice food with a great ambiance and service. The hostess is really nice, Brajesh the one who serves us is really amazing, polite, great service.