Dubai Metro: Tickets, Stations & Timing

Dubai Metro is the latest railway system with its red and green lines, a masterpiece of art that adorns the Emirate of Dubai, providing a range of distinctive services with a touch of luxury, such as retail stores, free internet access, and ATMs, as well as its proximity to many residential areas and neighborhoods in the emirate It follows the attached Dubai Metro map,) and is a friend of People of Determination.

Dubai Metro stations

Dubai Metro

First, let’s enumerate the metro stations in Dubai, which are mentioned in the Dubai Metro map attached in the article, and they are:

  • The Green Line (Learn it on the Dubai metro map)
  • Telecom
  • Al Qusais
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Al Nahda
  • the stadium
  • Leadership
  • Abu Hail
  • Abu Bakr
  • Salahaddin
  • the Union
  • Bani Yas
  • Palm Deira
  • Head
  • Idiot
  • Al Fahidi
  • Khalid ibn al-Walid
  • Oud Metha
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Al Jaddaf
  • The creek
  • The Red Line (Learn it on the Dubai metro map)
  • Rashidiya
  • Fly Emirates
  • Airport Terminal 3
  • Airport Terminal 1
  • JGCo
  • Deira City Center
  • Tenderness
  • the Union
  • Khalid ibn al-Walid
  • dignity
  • Al Jafiliya
  • World Trade Center
  • Emirates towers
  • Financial Center
  • Burj Khalifa / The Dubai Mall
  • Commercial gulf
  • Noor Islamic Bank
  • First Gulf Bank
  • Emirates Mall
  • Sharaf DJ
  • Dubai Internet city
  • Palm
  • Dubai Marina
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Al Nakheel Harbor and Tower
  • Ibn battouta
  • energy
  • Jebel Ali Industrial
  • Mount on


There are three huge parking complexes for the Dubai Metro, which can be found through the attached Dubai Metro map:

  • Rashidiya: 2,700 stops (on the red line)
  • Nakheel Harbor and Tower: 3,000 stops (on the red line)
  • Contacts: 3000 positions (on the green line)


If you want to book a taxi, here is this guide on how to book, type of reservation, and see the Dubai Metro map to find out your route:

  • Dubai Taxi: 08 08 208
  • Metro taxi: 22 32 267
  • National taxi: 3322 54 600
  • Arabia Taxi: 11 51 285
  • Cars Taxi: 269 2,900
  • Ladies Taxi: 08 08 208

Map of Dubai metro

Dubai Metro

There are many compartments in the Dubai Metro, which are available in all stations that can be identified on the Dubai Metro map, and they are:

  • Ordinary cabin
  • Women and children cabin
  • Gold Class cabin
  • Tickets Price
  • Nol Card
  • Map of Dubai metro
  • Nol Card

There are four options for unified Nol cards and tickets. The process of purchasing the card, refilling it with the balance, or adding trips to a Nol ticket is easy, just go to the nearest ticket vending machine, ticket office, or authorized sales agent from the Roads and Transport Authority.

whenever you use the metro, swipe your card over the card reader at the toll gates in the stations, and the correct tariff will be deducted from the card automatically.

Dubai metro Tickets:

Ticket Type1 Zone or <3km 2 zones2 Zones3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red)4 dirhams6 dirhams8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol)3 dirhams5 dirhams7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card)1.50 dirhams2.50 dirhams3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket)8 dirhams12 dirhams17 dirhams
Gold Class Pre-Paid6 dirhams10 dirhams15 dirhams

Nol Red Ticket (for tourists and visitors)

  • A paper ticket can be bought for only 2 dirhams and is valid for 90 days
  • It can be recharged with credit for up to 10 trips or up to 5 days
  • It can be used on the Dubai metro and buses as well
  • A permit is available for use on the Dubai Metro and public buses for one day (the permit price is 14 dirhams and the ticket price is 2 dirhams)
  • It is the best option if you use less public transport
  • It does not contain an e-wallet, and it must be purchased with the correct prepaid value depending on the length of the trip (based on the areas that will be navigated through(

Silver Nol Card (for regular passengers)

  • It can be loaded with a balance of up to AED 500 and is valid for five years
  • It contains an electronic wallet that automatically deducts the tariff fee
  • They can be used immediately after purchase and can be refilled on the website or at any ticket office, ticket vending machine, or authorized dealer
  • Nol Gold Card (for those wishing to ride in First Class)
  • It can be loaded with a balance of up to AED 500 and is valid for five years
  • It contains an electronic wallet that automatically deducts the tariff fee
  • It can be used immediately after purchase and can be refilled at any ticket office
  • It gives its owner the privilege of using the gold class on the Dubai Metro
  • When used in other means of transportation that have a golden degree, the user will be charged the normal tariff

Nol Blue Card (personal safe card for regular passengers)

  • Register on the website to get your Nol Blue Card
  • Allows unlimited travel for up to 30 days
  • It can be loaded with a balance of up to AED 500 and is valid for five years
  • A personal card with a photo of its owner
  • 50% discount for students and elderly people who use the e-wallet
  • Under it, people with special needs can move around for free
  • It contains an electronic wallet that automatically deducts the tariff fee
  • It can be purchased for AED 70 and will be delivered within 10 working days
  • Safe online services to recharge the balance, inquire about usage history and submit complaints online
  • Logos via SMS confirming the service request with / or requested instructions
  • Additional services such as loyalty points programs and automatic recharge

Dubai metro Timing

  • Saturday to Wednesday: from 5:50 am – 12:00 midnight
  • Thursday: 5:50 a.m. – 1 a.m.
  • Friday: 1 PM – 1 AM
  • Note: The times of the Dubai Metro (trains) differ from the working hours of the stations, and the main and subsidiary stations can be found through the attached Dubai Metro map.

How to reach Dubai metro

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro stations can be reached either by taking your car, or by taxi or feeder buses, but first, you have to follow the Dubai Metro map to be able to familiarize yourself with your itinerary.

Other Information about Dubai metro

  • Children under the age of five or shorter than 90 cm use the metro for free
  • The gold-class carriage is at the front of the train if your journey is towards Jebel Ali, and at the rear, if it is heading towards Rashidiya
  • There are special facilities for passengers with special needs
  • Plan your itinerary online.
  • Misuse of the emergency button may result in a fine of AED 2,000

Information based on RTA announcement as reported in Emirates Business 24-7 on 20 September 2009. Date which discounts come into effect not supplied.

  • Special Needs passengers to travel free on the Dubai Metro.
  • Update 13 November 2009: A report in The National said “The Metro will be free for disabled passengers by February.” Update, they almost got it right – March 2011 instead of February 2010 was when the RTA finally announced the Blue Nol Cards would be available.
  • Students (UAE nationals only – or maybe all UAE residents, ex-pats included) and Senior Citizens (UAE nationals only, not ex-pats) get a 50% discount and 30 days of free travel.
  • Children under 5 years of age travel free and will not need an NOL card (it’s not clear how they will get through the ticket gates though).
  • Loyalty Points system for rewards (sounds like Airmiles etc, will be handy if you want a free toaster or book voucher).

Questions & Answers about Dubai metro

Is Dubai Metro 24 hours?

Dubai Metro runs every day of the week. Operating times are: Red Line – 5 am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5 am until 1 am on Thursday, and 10 am until 1 am on Friday. Green Line – 5.30 am until midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5.30 am until 1 am on Thursday, and 10 am until 1 am on Friday.

How much is a day pass on the Dubai Metro?

Currently the one day ticket costs 20 dirhams per day for travel in standard class and 40 dirhams for travel in Gold Class. However, you will also need to buy the Red Nol card/ticket which costs 2 dirhams.

Is the Dubai Metro easy to use?

Everything you need to know about the Dubai Metro. Getting around Dubai is quick and easy thanks to the city’s advanced rail system. … Spanning over 70kms, the fully-automated Dubai Metro presents an efficient way to explore the city. There are only two main lines – Red and Green – making it easy to plan your journey.

How can I use Dubai Metro Card?

You can use your NOL card to pay for the parking fees in all paid parking lots across Dubai. Simply insert your card in the ticket vending slot and purchase a ticket for your parking.

How can I check my Dubai Metro card balance?

Procedure to check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance:
Visit the RTA Website NOL Card balance page. …
Click on the Check NOL Balance box (button) on the page.
Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card on the website.
Click on Search button to see the NOL Card balance.

How can I get monthly Metro pass in Dubai?

Go to a metro station and ask for a monthly pass application form. Don’t forget your Emirates ID card to show them.
Fill in the form and submit with 2 photographs of yourself, along with the fee payment for one month (see table below).
Card will be sent by post, apparently within 3 weeks.
Card then needs to be activated at any metro station before starting to use it.

Does Dubai Metro go to the airport?

The Red Line of the Dubai Metro has two stops at Dubai International Airport; Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.
Once you have picked up your luggage, follow the Dubai Metro signs and purchase a ticket at the station.

Is luggage allowed on the Dubai Metro?

Passengers are only permitted to bring two pieces of luggage onto the Metro; one large suitcase and one small suitcase.
The dimensions of the large suitcase should not exceed 81cm x 58cm x 30cm. The dimensions of a small suitcase should be no larger than 55cm x 38cm x 20cm.