Dubai Miracle Garden: How To Reach, Events & Tickets Price 2021

As soon as you set foot on the Dubai miracle Garden, you find a new world made up of natural miracles that attract the attention of visitors in a big way, located in the south of Al Barsha, and is considered the largest miracle garden in the world.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is distinguished by its wonderful beauty, and some call it the eighth wonder of the world due to its unique beauty, it includes walking in very romantic paths in addition to the most beautiful scents of perfumes that fill the garden, as well as the presence of designs for cars, airplanes, and others.

Dubai Park provides a range of services that ensure the comfort of visitors, as the design takes into account all their segments, including those with special needs, prayer rooms and toilets, as well as the presence of a “butterfly garden”, a children’s play corner, and a range of commercial outlets and restaurants.

The Dubai Garden faces a set of different irrigation systems that are commensurate with the supply of these miricales with sufficient water without affecting their shape or spoiling the miricales.

The Dubai Garden includes 45 million miricales on an area of 72 thousand square meters, and the Dubai Miricale Garden was dubbed the Garden of Miracles for its accuracy, design, vast area and diversity, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Tour

Things To Do

Mickey Mouse Figure

Mickey Mouse figure
Mickey Mouse figure

A special section has been created in Dubai, Miracle Garden, for the Disney cartoon characters that are loved by all children, such as Mickey Mouse and his friends, which are made of flowers in colors that match the shapes of these characters.

The Mickey Mouse scale used 100 thousand flowers, and it weighed about 35 tons. This model was created to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Disney Company.

Anthropomorphic Plane

Anthropomorphic plane

It took about 200 days to create this monumental object and use seven types of Flowers to decorate it

The Airbus A380 airliner is the largest airliner in the world. In the Dubai Miracle Garden, a model of this colossal plane was built using flowers of seven different types, namely, Marigold, Viola, Geranium, Coleus, Gillardia, Petunia and Sangapron, as it took about 200 days to make it look amazing as it is today.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise

Located 20 feet underground, Lost Paradise is a flowers-decked area with many cottages and miricaleing homes that are a great addition to the Dubai Miracle Garden.



Dubai Miracle Garden distributed cabins equipped with cushions and chairs for relaxing  Miracle Garden Dubai has a group of cabins equipped with cushions and chairs for relaxing with curtains for privacy.

Butterfly Passage

Butterfly Passage

Another highlight of Dubai Miracle Garden is the ‘Butterfly Walk’, which is beautifully constructed in the shape of a butterfly decorated with colorful Flowers. Butterfly wings are layered with multiple flowers, forming a long corridor that visitors can walk through.

Flowers Clock

Flowers clock

Another landmark in Dubai Miracle Garden is the 15-meter-high “Flowers Clock” made of flowers. The watch was designed by a landscaping company, and the mechanical parts for the watch were imported from the United States.

3D Models

3D models

This park embraces three-dimensional models that give a beautiful and unique dimension to the place

Dubai Miracle Garden also embraces three-dimensional models that give a beautiful and unique dimension to the general appearance of the park.

Lake Park

Lake Park

The view of the water, whether in a stagnant lake or a rolling sea, gives visitors a wonderful dimension, serenity and psychological calm.

Corridor of Hearts

Corridor of Hearts

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Dubai, the Miracle Garden is one of the main attractions of this place, as each heart is designed from a different group of Flowers that smells like people crossing the corridor.

Parasol Corridor

Parasol corridor

Dubai Miracle Garden includes a group of umbrella paths, which are named after the number of colorful umbrellas that form the ceiling of this section and are also decorated with various types of Flowers scattered on the sides of the corridor. As well as aesthetically pleasing the pass, it helps provide a shady getaway for visitors during the hot summer months in Dubai.

Among the things worth visiting in Dubai Miracle Garden is the flowers castle, the giant turtle, the giant bear and the flowers hill.

Tickets Price

Entrance fee to the Dubai Miracle Garden:

– 12 years and over: AED 55
– 3-12 years: AED 40
– Free for children and people of determination.


Dates of the Miracle Garden in Dubai:

– Sunday – Thursday: 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
– Friday: 09:00 AM – 11:00 PM
– Saturday: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Location: Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand

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How to Reach

The park is located in the Dubailand complex in the direction of Abu Dhabi Emirate road, and you can reach it by taking the Deira metro passing through Al Garhoud Bridge towards Sheikh Zayed Road until you reach Umm Suqeim Street, this road leads you to the Motor City exit adjacent to the Miricale Garden.

Contact Details

– Contact: 044228902

Other Information

In 2016, Emirates Airlines cooperated with Dubai Miracle Garden, which is the largest natural miricale garden in the world, to create the largest miricale-covered model in the world, in the form of the Emirates Airbus A380, a life-size layer covered with more than 500 thousand miricales and plants.

And the number of miracles when fully opened to 5 million miracles, and the weight of the airframe with miracles is estimated at more than 95 tons, while the weight of the real A380 aircraft at takeoff is 575 tons. According to what was reported by the Bahraini newspaper, Al-Wasat.

It took 180 days to build the model displayed in the Miricale Garden (Miracle Garden) in Dubai.

People Also Ask

How much is the entrance fee in Miracle Garden Dubai?

– AED 55 (12 years and over)
– AED 40 (3-12 years)
– Free for children and people of determination

What months is Dubai Miracle Garden Open?

Usually the Miracle Garden opens in early November up to April. Much better to visit on winter days. Come March to closing is hot already, and you will not be able to enjoy the views.

What is the best time to visit Miracle Garden Dubai?

Dubai has its winters from November to March, and this is the best season to plan your visit to Dubai Miracle Gardens. As it sharply opens at 10:00 am in the morning, it is better for you to reach here during its opening time.

How long do you need at Dubai Miracle Garden?

3 hours are enough to see the whole garden. But it depends, If you want to take a lot of pictures, you might want to spend there about 5 hours.

Is food allowed in Miracle Garden?

You may take food but you are only allowed to eat in designated areas and there are many around the garden. However, you are not allowed to have a picnic there. People in front of us were carrying a wheelie trolley which was checked thoroughly

Why is it called Miracle Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden is certainly aptly named considering that — like pretty much everything in this Middle Eastern destination — it was built on desert land. Billing itself as the world’s largest natural miracle garden, the 72,000-square-meter attraction has more than 60 million miracles on display.

What Places to visit near Miracle Garden?

– Butterfly garden: There is no that much variety of butterflies but the authorities well maintain those butterflies there. It’s is an awesome experience when a lot of butterflies sit in your hand.
– Dubai Autodrome: A fun place for the kids and families. Cars are easy to operate yet the course is challenging enough for the kids to have some real fun. super hygienic and totally comfortable…

What Restaurant to visit near Miracle Garden?

– The Sugar Hub: favorite place for cakes and treats that are so delicious and a feast for the eyes. This place never disappoints, everything I’ve ordered from there has been amazingly tasty…the cake truffles are heavenly.
– Grill Master Restaurant: Friendly staff, their outdoor table are perfect for this nice weather. It’s just that the cashier discouraged card payment and prefer cash.