Dubai Opera: Discover Shows, Tickets Price & Timing

Dubai Opera is an exceptionally designed monument and landmark inspired by the maritime heritage of Dubai and ancient dhows.

It mixes originality and modernity in a way that symbolizes the connection of the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Gulf countries to the waterfront. 

Opera House features elegant wood décor, glass, pearls, and precious stones used on all ceilings and walls, adding to the luxury.

Dubai opera
Dubai opera

Dubai Opera Tour 

It is a qualitative and wonderful addition to the city of Dubai because it offers a high-end entertainment opportunity during the months of the whole year.

Things to do in Dubai Opera

It includes special halls and galleries for performances and a luxurious hotel for visitors.

Dubai opera

The Opera House includes an indoor and outdoor theater, auditorium, and art museum, as well as ballet and folkloric concerts and a huge hotel to serve visitors from all over the world.

Dubai Opera shows

Dubai opera

It hosts between 200 to 250 performances every year, including classical music and performances by Arab artists, as well as shows of jazz, rock and pop, opera and ballet shows, and other concerts that people from all over the world visit.

Features and Services

Dubai Opera House has a sound system that is free of microphones and loudspeakers, so the person sitting in the last seat can hear clearly and with the same efficiency and quality of sound that reaches the individual sitting in the first row of the house

Also, It is characterized by absolute flexibility when hosting and displaying various types of events and artistic performances, as the seats can be removed from their place and the hall completely emptied to provide space for some performances.

The floor can be raised to reach the height of the theater, in addition to the ability to control the height of the ceiling and change the shape of Walls and ceiling to match the width.

Offers an exceptional, unique, and memorable experience

Dubai Opera House was created to provide what was not previously present, as it is the first of its kind in the city, as Dubai is full of many wonderful attractions and sites that attract millions of residents and tourists

It was able to provide an exceptional and unique experience for visitors, From the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying the attractiveness of the place to enjoying live musical performances by musicians and singers.

Dubai Opera Tickets Price

It offers tickets at different prices depending on the type of show that will be performed and the seat locations. They can be purchased through the official website or the ticket counter at the Opera Plaza on Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

The official website provides information on the types of tickets for the Opera shows and concerts, their value, and other details that may be of interest to you.

Dubai Opera Restaurant

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Dubai Opera Timing

The dates are different according to the day, so you can book the date that suits you on the right day

The box office is open daily from 11 am:8 pm, and for half an hour from the start of the last show for evening shows.

Dubai Opera Location

Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Places to visit near Dubai Opera

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Danat Al Dunia Dubai The first landmark in our minds is the most glamorous architectural masterpiece in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa, with its wonderful engineering design and its location in the middle of the emirate of Dubai, has become an icon associated with the name of the Emirate of Dubai, and all information about Burj Khalifa is distinctive and exceptional, and it will surely surprise you!

Burj Park Dubai

Burj Khalifa Park

Visitors and residents of Dubai enjoy a variety of recreational and charming tourist areas, but the Burj Park, or as it is known as Burj Park Dubai, has a unique position, as it serves as a haven for residents from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is located on an area of 11,300 square meters of green spaces and breathtaking views, which makes it one One of the best parks in Dubai today.

Hotels near Dubai Opera

Al-Bahar Downtown Apartments

Al-Bahar Downtown Apartments

Located in the center of the Burj Khalifa district, Al Bahar Apartments Downtown offers private apartments connected to the Dubai Mall. It also offers free Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a terrace. This property is a 10-minute walk from Burj Khalifa. Read more.

One-Bedroom Apartment Dubai Fountain

One-Bedroom Apartment Dubai Fountain & Old Town View by Auberge

Offering an outdoor pool and a view of the city, Premium Apartment Dubai Fountain & Old Town Island View is located in Dubai, 100 meters from the Opera and 100 meters from The Dubai Fountain. The property offers free WiFi throughout property. Read more.

How to reach Dubai Opera

Take Exit 50 toward Burj Khalifa/ Financial Center Road (Lower level). Follow the road and take the first exit on the right to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. go straight and follow the Opera signage. You will pass Dubai Opera, which will be on the opposite side of the road.

Dubai Opera Contact Details

Phone: +971 4 440 8888

via email:


Other Information about Dubai Opera

Important instructions 

  • It is prohibited to sell tickets purchased or used for commercial purposes without the official written approval of Dubai Opera
  • People under the age of 16 are allowed to attend various events with their parents or one of their relatives only, and for those under the age of two, they can be brought to some specific family shows only.
  • Photography or sound recording is strictly prohibited, except in the case of professional photography, after obtaining official written approval from the Dubai Opera House.
  • Only drinks bought from the Dubai Opera platform are allowed, while food can be included in some shows
  • Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged if the reasons are personal and have nothing to do with changing the date of the show or canceling it
  • Prams are not permitted on the main stage
  • Dubai Opera is the newest opera house in the region, with an area of ​​more than three million feet.

Questions & Answers about Dubai Opera

Is there a dress-code for Dubai Opera?

We encourage everyone to dress up for any performance at Dubai Opera. In general, we ask that you wear clothing that is in keeping with the decorum of this iconic venue

Can you walk from Dubai Mall to Dubai Opera?

You can walk from The Dubai Mall to Dubai Opera in ten minutes! Head to door 7 near At the Top ticket counter and follow the fountain pathway

What are the best seats in Dubai Opera?

Dubai Opera House – Recommended seats
STALLS SECTION – Middle seats (13-22) in the middle rows C to J offer a great look at the stage without costing as much as the premium stall seats. ROYAL CIRCLE – Rows D and E have decent seats in the middle. GRAND CIRCLE – middle seats in the first couple of rows (B to D).

How can I go to Dubai opera by Metro?

Dubai Opera is situated close to the Burj Khalifa. If you are traveling by metro, you should take the Red Line to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station. The Dubai Opera is approximately a 15-minute walk away from that stop.

How many seats are there in Dubai Opera?

Dubai Opera is a 2,000-seat, multi-format, performing arts center, which is located within The Opera District in Downtown Dubai.

What does Opera Dubai include?

It includes an indoor and outdoor theater, a hall for reception and arts, as well as a ballet hall, folkloric concerts, a museum of art, and a huge hotel to serve visitors from all countries of the world.