Dubai Safari Park: Enjoy Activities, Tickets price & Timing

Dubai Safari Park is one of the most important tourist and entertainment destinations in the emirate, which allows visitors to enjoy fun times with wildlife from around the world, as the Dubai Zoo includes nearly 2,500 animals from all over the world, gathered in one place that provides them with a natural environment Open air, the Dubai Safari Park, this unique entertainment and educational destination.

The Dubai Safari Zoo has been divided into 4 different villages, in a way that provides a variety of environments suitable for different animals, using modern methods to monitor animals and their wildlife, and take care of their health with the help of specialized veterinarians located inside the Dubai Zoo, and is designed in a manner befitting the parks and gardens, including It matches the best parks in the world, and has many facilities to serve visitors.

The Dubai Safari Park, located in Al Warqa 5 area opposite the Dragon Market, was established at a cost of about one billion dirhams, as it extends over an area of 12.8 million square meters, allowing it to receive about 10 thousand visitors daily, to enjoy a group of lakes and refreshing green nature in addition to Huge industrial park spread across the Dubai Zoo, and the waterfalls that add stunning beauty to this huge and new edifice of its kind.

Dubai Safari Park providing more than 3,500 free parking spaces with transportation to and from the main gate, in addition to the presence of VIP parking lots that you can Get it for an additional 50 AED.

Dubai Safari Park Tour

Things To Do

Open Safari Village

Dubai Safari Park

The safari village, which extends over an area of ​​220 thousand square meters, provides visitors with the opportunity to move between different animals using an air-conditioned jeep, as the journey inside the car extends to about an hour, during which visitors can approach different animals to observe their wild way of life, in addition to knowing the behaviors of each animal about Close, it will be the first open safari in the Middle East.

Animals that can be seen: deer, zebra, buffalo, tiger, lion, crocodile, striped hyena, antelope, leopard, baboon and many more.

African village

African village

The African Village is one of the most important villages in the Dubai Safari Park in terms of space and various activities, it extends over an area of ​​115 thousand square meters, and was designed in a way that reflects African life and nature in all its details, in order to make visitors feel as if they are in the heart of the African continent, and this village is divided into two areas: African savannah and rainforests, in addition to the main plaza, which includes a range of facilities and restaurants for the village.

The village also includes 20 exhibitions for different animals: hippo, gorilla, chimpanzee, African lion, pink flamingo and many more.

The Arab Village

The Arab Village

The Arab Village depended in its design on the geographical distribution in the Arab region, which includes three regions: the desert environment, the mountainous environment, and the plain.

The Arab Village was designed on an area of ​​130 thousand square meters, and those in charge of its establishment took into account the geographical distribution in the Arab region, which includes three regions; The desert environment, the mountain environment, and the plain environment, as each environment contains its own species of animals.

Valley region

Valley region

The valley area is an ideal destination for recreation and family relaxation, as it includes a water surface of approximately 2 km long, in addition to its inclusion of various types of birds and some small animals, which visitors see through a range of restaurants and cafes, or while they sit on both sides of the waterway and the fish lake.

Other recreational facilities

The big theater

This place represents an educational center that allows individuals to learn about wildlife, its behaviors and nature, and learn about its interesting facts.



Allows visitors to learn about many types of birds; From crow to owl and many other birds coming from the African forests.

Meeting with animals

Dubai Safari Park

There is the opportunity to feed giraffes, watch hippos and cheetahs and interact with animals.

Youngsters’ park

Youngsters' park

The youngsters’ garden provides a safe area for children to play in the open air, and develop their knowledge and way of dealing with some types of animals, such as chickens, cows, goats, and ducks, where they will have the opportunity to learn how to collect chicken eggs apart from collecting milk from cows, and the most important thing is the opportunity to ride a horse Little.

Adventure Valley

Adventure Valley
Adventure Valley

It is a distinctive area in the park and is considered the most important villages in the Dubai Safari Park, as it is a valley full of adventures and excitement for adults and children together. There you can test all your capabilities and discover yourself again, and inside the valley there are several areas there are areas for games for adults and children together and another area for climbing on walls and networks The third area is for jumping and rope skating in an atmosphere of beautiful adventure.

Theaters and public performances area

Dubai Safari Park

It is an exciting area where a theatrical presentation of the life of the animals in the safari is presented and the most important information about each animal and its behavioral nature such as water foxes, monkeys and some animals that are exposed to extinction are learned.

The theater also displays a group of performances on birds of all kinds, and shows of the most important problems of the globe and how to find solutions to save the planet from the problems it suffers from.

Explorer Village

Explorer Village

The safari at the Explorer Village is the main attraction of Dubai Safari Park. Open safari transports you into the jungles of Asia and Africa to see the fauna residing in them. Visitors can explore the village in specially designed vehicles and learn about many species of animals such as zebras, cheetahs and water buffalo.

Tickets Price

– Entry to all sections of the Dubai Safari Park except for (Open Safari Village): 50 Dirhams for adults and 20 Dirhams for children, and the fees for Dubai Safari Park tickets for those wishing to enter the open safari village only.

– Tickets prices to enjoy all sections of the park: 85 Dirhams for adults and 30 Dirhams for children, and Free entrance for children under 3 years old.


– Working hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (daily)


Dubai Safari Park is located in Al Warqaa District 5 in Dubai, specifically at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Ras Al Khor Road.

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How to Reach

– The most convenient way to reach Dubai Safari Park is to go by car. In case you don’t have access to a car, you can easily find a taxi here. The nearest metro station to Dubai safari park is the Creek Metro Stop on the Green Line. You can get down here and take a cab the rest of the way.

Contact Details

– For more information, please call the toll-free number: 800 900

People Also Ask

What does Dubai Safari Park contain?

Wide range of fun activities and surprises, Find out more about the effective measures put in place to ensure a safe and seamless experience for all visitors.

How to reach Dubai safari park? is there any public transport like bus or metro or one needs car/ taxi to reach there?

The Govt. of Dubai have arranged Buses which take you until the Entrance of the Venue. You may enjoy to the fullest if you try reaching there in the morning hours.

What happened to Dubai Safari Park?

The park replaced the Dubai Zoo on its 50th anniversary. The park plans to increase the animal number to 5000 by 2020. On May 15, 2018, the Park closed for renovations and improvements until being reopened in October 2020.

How do I get to Dubai Safari Park by Metro?

The best way to get to Dubai Safari Park is by car. However, for those who don’t have a car, the easiest way to get to the Safari Park by public transportation is to take the Metro to the Creek Metro Stop on the Green Line. From there you would need to take a taxi.

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What Restaurant to visit near Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park Zoo includes a range of services and facilities suitable for people of determination, in addition to a variety of international and local restaurants and cafes, and souvenir shopping centers, and we do not forget the classes for school visits, trains, electric cars, bicycles, environmentally-friendly vehicles, and free internet service.
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