Dubai Zoo: Tickets Price, Location & Timing

Dubai Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula, and the park covers an area of 75.1 hectares, and the park provides a suitable environment for many animals as it protects and preserves wildlife.

Dubai Zoo has been distinguished from other parks in Dubai since its inception by containing a number of endangered animals such as the Bengal, Siberian tigers, the Arabian wolf, and the horned oryx.

The park has about 118 different species, each species in its own part, while the total number of it is about 984 species and the total number of animals is about 2500 animals.

The park contains about 230 different species of animals, most of the mammals, and all this made it one of the best tourist places in Dubai.

Dubai Zoo

Things to do in Dubai Zoo

Visit Animals and Birds

Dubai Zoo

You can see deer, monkeys, and predators, such as tigers, hyenas, bears, and giraffes, in addition to some rare animals such as the Bengal tiger and the Arabian wolf.

You can also see the most beautiful birds of all kinds, such as peacocks, hawks, ostriches, parrots, and the distinctive golden eagle.

You can see more than 400 species of reptiles and turtles. The presence of such a number of rare animals made it the first destination for families, tourists, and animal enthusiasts.

You will see the environmental conditions necessary for different animals and birds to allow them to mate and reproduce. You can also see the expert team in the animal world who helped these animals achieve good results.

Dubai Zoo

The park consists of many different areas; there is a variety of convenience stores, benches, chapels for men and women, and garden facilities.

The park also has a waterfall and a range of exciting safaris.

Feeding Animals

Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo

There are many activities that are available, the most prominent of which is feeding giraffes, but at specific times and elephants, as well as the possibility of meeting animals and watching the races of cheetahs and hippos in the water.

The four different villages

It generally consists of four units: (the African village, the Asian village, the Arab safari village, and the public safari village), places to rest, and a group of restaurants.

African Village
African Village

Includes species of large as well as small mammals such as African elephants, flamingos and mercenaries.

Asian Village
Asian Village
Asian Village

It offers great performances on stage, and a variety of animals.

Safari Village
Safari Village

Contains baboons, gazelles, antelopes, and zebras, in addition to a dedicated safari theater.

The Arab Village
The Arab Village

It contains a variety of animals that inhabit the Arabian deserts, such as deer and deer.

Dubai Zoo Tickets Price

  • The price of a single entry ticket is only 2 dirhams / half a dollar.
  • Entrance is free for children up to three years of age, the handicapped and those with special needs, and adults over the age of sixty.
  • But there are tickets worth 30 dirhams for children and 85 dirhams for adults, including entry to any one of the four villages in it.

Dubai Zoo Restaurant

Dubai Zoo Restaurant
Dubai Zoo Restaurant

Chinese Pavilion

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Desi Tonight

Chicken Karhi is delicious; spices were very mild and are a good option for those who don’t like spicy gravy. I really liked sitting here clean calm comfortable..

Masti – Cocktails & Cuisine

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Dubai Zoo Timing

From Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 in the morning until 18:00 in the evening. On Tuesdays are closed.

Dubai Zoo Location

Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Places to visit near Dubai Zoo

Mercato Shopping Mall

Mercato Shopping Mall

Airy, Italian Renaissance-style shopping centre with lifestyle and fashion stores, cafes and cinema.

Town Centre Jumeirah

Town Centre Jumeirah

Cozy mall with diverse stores, services & eateries, including a ceramics cafe & a sushi place.

Hotels near Dubai Zoo

La Ville Hotel & Suites City Walk Dubai

La Ville Hotel

A 5-star rating with a great rating among the best hotels in Dubai; it is less than 15 minutes away from the Zoo.

The hotel got great reviews for the location, view, rooms, staff, and cleanliness. Read more.

The Ramada Jumeirah Hotel

The Ramada Jumeirah Hotel
The Ramada Jumeirah Hotel

A 4-star rating with a very good restriction among the best hotels in Dubai; it is less than 10 minutes away from the zoo by car.

The hotel received good reviews in all its cleanliness, staff, hotel facilities and rooms are poor. Read more,

How to reach Dubai Zoo

By Taxi: To get to Dubai Zoo, you can take a taxi or book a taxi online. This place is located in Al Warqaa and you can easily get taxis for this location. You can reach this area by taking Al Awir / Ras Al Khor Road or Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street.

By metro: Dubai Zoo can be accessed using the efficient metro facility. The closest metro station to the Zoo is the Creek Metro Station on the Green Line. From there, you can take a taxi or book a taxi online, and the journey will take around 15 minutes.

Dubai Zoo Contact Details

Phone: +97143496444

DO’s & Dont’s

  • Do be kind to animals in captivity.
  • Do enjoy Nature and animals in captivity.
  • Do be co-operative with Zoo management & Security.
  • Do ask questions to Zoo staff about animals.
  • Do keep yourself and your children at a safe distance from the Zoo animals.
  • Do keep the premises and public utilities of the Zoo neat & clean.

Questions & Answers about Dubai Zoo

How many zoos are in Dubai?

6 Zoos in Dubai For A Wildlife Adventure.

Does Dubai have a zoo?

These are the best places for kid-friendly zoos & aquariums in Dubai: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The Green Planet. The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Which is the biggest zoo in UAE?

The biggest zoo in the UAE is Al Ain Zoo

How far is Al Ain Zoo from Dubai?

The distance between Dubai and Al Ain Zoo is 109 km. The road distance is 129.6 km.

Can we bring food to the zoo?

No, it’s not allowed to bring in any Food or Beverages.

How do you stay safe in a zoo?

Sironen also offered some common-sense tips on how to make sure your family’s next visit to the zoo is a safe one.
Respect the animals.
Don’t let children lean, sit or climb.
Keep your kids close.
Never cross a fence or barrier in a zoo.

What are the various ticket options to visit Dubai Zoo?

Dubai Zoo has different ticket options availing different opportunities. The entry fee for visiting Dubai Zoo is AED 50 for Adults and AED 20 for Children. This ticket doesn’t provide a tour of the Safari Village. According to this ticket, you’ll be able to visit the lakes, gardens, and watch a few animals.