Global Village Dubai : Discover Countries, Activities, Tickets & Timing

Millions of people flock every year between October and April to visit Global Village Dubai , enjoy fun games, cultural entertainment, eat delicious food, and shop in international stores. The village includes more than 25 luxurious suites, offering local products to more than 75 countries in Global Village Dubai.

More than 1000 flags from the UAE flags were collected to achieve the record for the largest pooled number using flags in the world, which constituted No. 49, and the record for the largest mosaic panel was achieved using tickets to “form a flag”, as 9,200 entry tickets to the global village, colored by the colors of the flag, were used to form The flag of the Emirates in a wonderful work of art that won the admiration of the guests at the gate of the world.

Global Village broke the record for the largest grouping sentence using plastic sheeting in cooperation with Aquafina after it used more than 14,000 plastic sheets to form the phrase “Live My Country” from the national anthem on the left wall of the main stage to be a wonderful artistic picture in front of the guests.

Global Village Dubai suites are designed in the form of prominent structures or local architecture, and everyone can go from Big Ben in London, to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, take pictures with a romantic background of the Taj Mahal, or go back in time to ancient Egypt. Young and old alike will enjoy the bright lighting and vibrant atmosphere through parades, entertainment shows, and concerts by the most prominent stars.

At the end of October of each year, the Global Village in Dubai opens its various activities and activities to millions of visitors and tourists from all over the world. Global Village continues to offer activities until April of the following year.

Global Village Dubai is also one of the most important tourists and entertainment destinations in the UAE, as it hosts many different events and activities that attract all sects and nationalities, including global village concerts and many games and various recreational activities, such as theatrical performances, circus shows, children’s theater, and roaming bands performances.

Global Village Dubai Tour

Global village Dubai

Wait for “Globo” the character representing the global village, his adventures around the world, and much more! Visit Global Village this season and discover the most amazing family experiences.

Things to do Global Village Dubai

The visitor travels between the corners of the global village in Dubai, like the one who took a transcontinental train wandering around in the folds of history, as the countries of the world gathered in one place away from political differences and tension, hoping to bring distances closer and bring peace.

Turkish Dresses and Skirts

The Turkish Pavilion is one of the most famous wings in the Global Village, where Turkish clothes, Turkish food, and Turkish coffee are displayed, and anyone can buy what they like from the distinctive Turkish suite.

Global village Dubai

Yemen and Oman honey and sweets

The finest types of honey from the Arabian Peninsula can be obtained from Yemen and Oman, and many flavors can be tasted with honey, and buy any quantity of this luxurious honey.

The Egyptian Pavilion

It has many colorful scarves and dresses and all kinds of Egyptian sweets, in addition to the loud Arabic music that reflects the culture of the Egyptian people.

Global village Dubai

Antiques from India

Which is characterized by its beautiful tranquility, and you can buy many antiques, old watches, faded books, wooden boxes, and everything old, and you can also buy distinctive Indian spices.

Emirates and Saudi perfumes

That can be smelled when entering the global village, and there are the best types of traditional incense and perfumes with various original scents that indicate the splendor of the two peoples, and any quantity of perfumes can be purchased and free samples can be obtained as well.

Iranian saffron

It is one of the finest types of saffron in the world, which can be bought from the Iranian wing and try it with honey or rice or even with sweets.

Global village Dubai

Carnival games area

It is one of the largest and most modern gaming areas in the Global Village in Dubai, as it provides entertainment activities suitable for all family members, as it includes 31 entertainment rides, 25 skill games, and more than 100 video games, and you can get a Carnival card and the rewards program from Through the official website of the global village.


Interesting tours include:

  • London Loop
  • Moscow Max
  • ShangHai
  • Transylvania Tours
  • Athenas Sling Shot
  • Fly France
  • Global Tower
  • Honolulu Loop
  • Jamaica Dram

Global village Dubai

While you can have fun with your family in the family tours section, which includes:

  • Wheel of the world
  • From Emirates
  • Arabian Horse
  • Cuban Dance
  • Mumbai Express
  • New York Jump
  • Tai Twist

Global Village also includes activities for children within the Carnival Games area, such as:

  • Seven C. Pirate
  • Spain bot
  • African Land
  • Amazon Boots
  • Bahrain is a stake
  • Beijing Bungee
  • California Highway
  • Caribbean Boat
  • Holland Wind Wheel
  • Mexican Balloons
  • Miami Surf
  • the shopping
  • Global Village Suites

Global village Dubai

Shopping from more than 78 countries

More than 3,500 stores from more than 78 countries congregate in the global village, as the global village markets as a whole provide various products from all over the world, while merchants follow the opening date of the global village 2021 to start their preparations. See the most important global village purchases that we recommend you to buy from the wings of the event village.

Global village Dubai

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Get to know people, cultures, and magical entertainment offers from different parts of the world. Explore the world of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! The magnificent first auditorium in the region, an exciting and dazzling show for all family members as it includes visual illusions, glimpses of pop culture to curious artifacts, and stories that are unbelievable but realistic and true! The show includes 6 galleries including 220 amazing exhibits, presenting more than 100 of them for the first time. It provides you with entertainment and enjoyment unmatched anywhere else in the country.

Global village Dubai

These exhibits are distinguished by being strange and capturing eyes and hearts and making you stand amazed at the horror of the strange and wonders you see. You will find shrunk heads, shadow arts, T-rex teeth, wooden Ferrari, and much more.

Ripley’s Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze is another home for entertainment and fun! Visit the impressive 200-meter maze consisting of 100 mirrors, LED lights, and astonishing sounds. Did you go left? Right? Is it flipped upside down or is it a hoax? There is also a great room where everything is a mirror, the ceiling, the floor, and the walls! You will definitely make every effort to get out of this strange maze.

Ripley’s store

In the Replace store, you will find a group of amazing figures selected from all over the world that will surprise you with their ideas. Buy whatever suits you best and present it as a souvenir or gift for those you love, or put it in your homes as decoration.

Global Village Dubai Tickets Price

Entrance tickets

Each ticket allows one entry for one person per season

15 AED
Silver Jubilee Commemorative tickets

This all-inclusive ticket is valid for 25 entries during the Global Village celebration of the Silver Jubilee season. This special silver ticket is inscribed with landscapes of the Global Village.

250 AED
The exciting show10 AED
Ripley’s Believe It or Not + Wonderful Mirror Maze50 AED
Ripley’s believe it or not40 AED
Ripley’s: The Wonderful Mirror Maze25 AED
Silver package1200 AED
Gold package

Enjoy a wonderful world of benefits, discounts, and promotions with the Gold package.

1800 AED
Platinum package5000 AED

Entrance is free for children under 3 years old and over 65 years old

Global Village Dubai Restaurant

Global Village is also distinguished in this season for the first time by hosting a group of kiosks known for their light and delicious meals by visitors to the global village.

Yahya Restaurant

Specializes in serving the most delicious seafood dishes from Thai cuisine.

The Turkish Village Restaurant

occupies a prime location near the fountain. One of the most popular dishes served is kebab and kunafa.

The fish boat restaurant

a floating restaurant. It is located near the Iranian wing. Among the most delicious dishes are mussels, fried calamari, and pickle juice.

Global Village Dubai Timing

Speaking about the dates for Global Village Dubai 2021, Global Village receives visitors daily at the following times:

  • Saturday – Wednesday: 4:00 pm – 12:00 midnight
  • Thursday – Friday: 4:00 pm – 1:00 am


  • Families Day in Global Village is on Mondays of every week, meaning that it is intended for families and women only
  • These Global Village 2021 dates will be applied throughout the season from the first day to the last day, which is scheduled for April 2021, provided that the day for families in the global village is Monday, and you can always visit the official global village website to answer the question: What are the dates for the global village 2021.

Global Village Dubai Location

You can find the location here

Places to visit near Global Village Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure

It is The largest indoor theme park in the world, with more than 20 rides and attractions, in addition to the longest and fastest roller coaster in Dubai.

There are a huge number of things to see and experience, which makes IMG Worlds of Adventure the best family entertainment venue in town, entertaining all ages.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai Miracle Garden

Created for Disney cartoon characters that are loved by all children, such as Mickey Mouse and his friends, made of flowers in colors that match the shapes of these characters.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Butterfly garden Dubai

Have you ever imagined 15,000 butterflies meeting in one place? This is what the garden was keen to achieve on the ground, but what would this place full of butterflies look like? If you want to see this diversity with your own eyes, the Dubai Butterfly Garden welcomes you and your children to learn about the different types of butterflies.

Butterfly garden Dubai

The city of butterflies includes many species coming from different regions and countries in the world, so as soon as you enter the garden and approach the butterflies, you will captivate your eyes with its bright colors and different sizes, you will not want to leave the colorful world of butterflies Dubai.

Hotels near Global Village Dubai

Samaya Hotel Apartment Dubai

Located in Dubai, 18 km from Dubai Autodrome, Samaya Dubai Hotel Apartments is an air-conditioned property featuring an indoor pool, a fitness room, and free WiFi, Read More.

Samaya Hotel Apartment Dubai

Arabian Ranches Golf Club Hotel

The Arabian Ranches Golf Club is a great place for golfers and provides excellent accommodation and services and an on-site professional golf course open to all players of an official professional level, Read more.

Arabian Ranches Golf Club Hotel

Studio One Hotel

Located in Dubai, 2.7 km from Dubai Autodrome, Studio One Hotel features accommodation with a restaurant, private parking, a fitness center, and a bar. It also offers room service and a terrace. The property also features an outdoor swimming pool, a 24-hour front desk, and provides WiFi Free, Read more.

Studio One Hotel