Kite Beach Dubai: Best Activities, Restaurants & Location

Kite Beach Dubai is one of the most famous and best free beaches in Dubai, where you can relax, eat delicious dishes, play water sports, and rent high-quality equipment along the beach.

Kite Beach track extends over a distance of 14 km and allows you to enjoy the most spectacular views of the Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah. 

This long stretch of white sand has gained its reputation because it provides a great climate for windsurfing and windsurfing, in addition to other sports such as kayaking, and fitness enthusiasts flock to the beach of the kite because it provides great facilities for various sports, with areas dedicated to children. 

And the wonderful view of the Burj Al Arab and that beach is the perfect way for you to spend some time full of activities and savor the best food provided by the restaurants located along the street.

Awarded Best Beaches for Family and Field Trips in the Sasi Mama Global Tourism Foundation assessment in 2016.

In addition to beach tennis, volleyball, and water sports, there is soap football at intervals throughout the year; there is a small area of ​​cafes and food trucks.

Kite Beach Duba

Kite Beach Dubai Tour

Kite Beach one of many activities in Dubai provides you with a variety of activities that ensure you spend a wonderful time in Dubai, Discover best Activities, Restaurants and Hotels.

Things to do in Kite Beach Dubai

Water Activities

For those who love windsurfing and kayaking, there is a great selection of water activities available. If you are not a fan of water sports, you can take part in a game of volleyball with friends or relax on the beach.

Activities for Kite Beach Dubai vary from sunbathing, swimming, running on the dedicated track, reading books in the beach library, to choosing between many food trucks to eat delicious meals and desserts.

Activities of Kite Beach Dubai vary between land and sea, such as; Volleyball, football, tennis, and cycling on the track running along Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Kite Beach for surfing, in addition to the activity that this beach is unique to the other, which is flying kites high in the sky in addition to water games.


Professionals of this sport can start practicing it in sea waters after presenting a certificate of their professionalism to the companies located on the beach.

If the fans of this sport are amateurs, they can rent this equipment, after obtaining training lessons and presenting a copy of the ID for registration.

Take a paddleboard adventure in the sea

In the list of activities of Kite Beach in Jumeirah, we move to a paddleboard ride and start a distinctive adventure in the heart of the sea, this sport is suitable for all family members.

Kayak ride

Kayak ride

In the list of activities of Kite Beach Dubai, we proceed to go on a cruise on a kayak that can be rented from specialized offices on the beach, and the sizes of the boats vary, including what can accommodate one person and the other two people.

Splash and Party Water Park


Splash and Party Water Park ranked important in the list of activities of Kite Big Dubai, and it is a water park rich in games and slides suitable for children and all family members.

Skateboard rink

Skateboard rink

The skateboard rink occupies an important place in the list of activities for Kite Beach Dubai designed in a way that is suitable for professionals and amateurs, as the professional ski areas have been separated from the rest of the visitors, and seating platforms have been added to watch the beautiful and scary rollercoaster movements of the park visitors.

Volleyball on the sands of the sea


Next on the list of activities for Kite Dubai are the volleyball courts spread around the beach, which allows everyone to practice this fun sport on the sands of the sea with a group of friends.

Read a book in the beach library


For book lovers and enjoying the sound of the waves and the sight of sparkling blue waters while reading their favorite book, Kite Beach has a beach library that includes a mix of books in Arabic and English suitable for adults and children alike.

Other activities

Entertainment at Kite Big Dubai is not just about water adventures, but there are lots of other activities that we will share with you.

Activities for children

Kids’ adventure area
Kids' adventure area

WireWorld Adventure Parks has a lot of activities from giant trampoline to obstacle course.

In addition to the water park, this place embraces another area where children can go on their adventures. It is called “Wire World Adventure Parks” and includes a lot of adventures, starting from a giant trampoline to an obstacle course, there is also a swing suitable for adults and children over the age of 10 years, and children under 10 years, there is the “Acrow Branch” which is a group of Low ropes specially designed for them. Ticket prices vary per trip or course.

There is also another place on the list of activities for Kite Beach Dubai is X-Park Junior, which is based on the idea that all children deserve the opportunity to play amid nature, grass, dirt, plants, and water, as touching real plants and trees, building secret hideouts, climbing wooden forts, crossing streams Water and learning about birds and creatures are activities that every child needs to play away from smart devices and games.

Dum Tak for fun
Dum Tak for fun

The best open-air trampoline park in Dubai, and the most preferred by families, includes a free-jumping area, several trampolines, bungee jumping, gyroscopes, and many more, and is the ideal destination for organizing birthday parties and school trips.

Kite Beach Dubai Restaurants

There are a variety of restaurants in Kite Beach in Dubai, which offer various types of food from fresh pizza, burgers, and iced coffee to ice cream made from 100% fruit, leaving the choice for you to add what you want from honey, cinnamon, and peanut butter, and from these places; The Surf Shack, The Wana Banana Kiosk.

Wana Banana booth

This kiosk offers a unique experience in the world of ice cream, where you can choose from frozen banana ice cream, or frozen banana slices, with the ability to choose some flavors added to it, such as cinnamon, chocolate, peanut butter, and others.

Bon and Hill Café

This café is in the form of a small kiosk, serving some sweetened juices, as well as a delicious snack that you can eat while walking around the beach, and it also features its aromatic coffee.

Kite Beach Dubai Location

Kite Beach Dubai is located on the Jumeirah Corniche across from the intersection of Al Manara Street and Jumeirah Street, and as such, this beach has gained a great position among water sports enthusiasts, kite lovers, and many sea-goers.

Places to visit near Kite Beach Dubai

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

Fantastic family-friendly private club for sailing lovers in Dubai, Membership is necessary. Highly recommend it if you love sailing. It is one of the oldest private clubs in Dubai. A great community feels.

The Captain’s Club – Jumeirah Harbor

The Captain's Club - Jumeirah Harbor

The idea is great; execution has some challenges at the beginning as you have to book the boats well in advance for the weekends.

Hotels near Kite Beach Dubai

Hotel Beach Walk Hotel

Hotel Beach Walk Hotel

Set in Dubai, less than 0.6 mi from Kite Beach, Beach Walk Hotel offers accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, a fitness center, and a terrace.

This 4-star hotel offers a concierge service. The accommodations feature a 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange for guests. Read more.

Villa Hometown Apartments

Villa Hometown Apartments

Located in Dubai, Hometown Apartments – Kite Palace – Lavish 7 Bedrooms villa on Kite Beach provides accommodations with free WiFi, air conditioning, a restaurant, and access to a garden with an outdoor pool.

Located on the beachfront, this property has a bar, a shared lounge, and barbecue facilities. Read more.

How to reach Kite Beach Dubai

By Metro, Line 88 Bus – First, you need to head towards Airport Terminal 3. Once here, board a Red Line to drop you at Al Jafiliya within 10 to 15 minutes. Walk towards Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Station and board a Line 88 bus and alight at Majlis Al Ghoreifa.

Questions & Answers

Is Kite Beach Dubai free?

There is no entry fee at Kite beach, as it’s free of cost.

How do I get to Kite Beach Dubai?

Walk towards Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Station and board a Line 88 bus and alight at Majlis Al Ghoreifa. Your journey by bus shall be for around 26 minutes. Once you get down at Majlis Al Ghoreifa, walk for 12 minutes to reach your final destination – Kite Beach.

Which beach in Dubai allows kite surfing?

Kitesurfing in Dubai is allowed only in two (2) designated beaches: Dubai Kite Beach (Fazza beach) Dubai Kitesurf Beach (Nasimi Beach)

How do I get to Kite Beach?

You will have to take a combination of metro, bus, or taxi to reach Kite Beach. You can take the metro to the Mall of the Emirates and then hop on to a bus or a cab to reach the beach.

Are there times for ladies only?

There is no specific time for ladies.

Does kite beach have a view of the Burj al Arab?

Yes… Kite beach is one of the best places to see a very nice and clear view of Burj al Arab

What is the most appropriate time to head to Kite Beach?

the afternoon is the most appropriate time of the day for those heading to Dubai’s Kite Beach to surf the waves, where the winds are strong and the sea waves match them. 

Who Provides Activities on the Beach?

There are many companies around Kite Beach in Jumeirah that provide rental and training equipment for various water activities, or visitors can also purchase equipment for these sports. Get to know us on a list of the best water sports in Kite Beach.