Palm Islands Dubai: Best 7 Things To Do & Location

The Palm Islands Dubai or Palm Jumeirah as it is called is the largest man-made island designed and built entirely by man-made in the waters of the city of Dubai, as it was built with a unique design manufactured from a group of artificial archipelagos.

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, which includes the most famous resorts in Dubai, including the Atlantis The Palm, which is the most important tourist attraction in Dubai, the Emirates.

Palm Islands Dubai Tour

Atlantis Dubai the Palm
Atlantis Dubai the Palm

Palm Island Dubai is a place full of great dining options, with transportation and the metro, making it easy for visitors to Dubai to reach the various hotels, restaurants, and attractions on the island.

Things to do in Palm Islands Dubai

Ski, Windsurf and Kayaking

Dubai Ice Rink
Dubai Ice Rink

Palm Jumeirah Island is characterized by the presence of many luxurious restaurants, especially on Wharf 7 and The Fairmont Club.

You and your family can enjoy an exploration tour of Palm Island and other major Dubai attractions on the open double-decker buses.

Bus Tours

Certainly, you can enjoy a walking tour of the Jumeirah Walk, which connects Palm Island to the Dubai Marina and includes many shopping centers.

Helicopter Tour

Skydive Dubai
Skydive Dubai

If you love excitement and adventure, you must go through the experience of parachute jumping in Dubai, which will allow you to swim in the sky of the island.

Cruise on the Palm Islands

Dubai creek
Dubai creek

Do not forget to visit the famous Atlantis resort, which enjoys its wonderful sandy beaches, and will allow you to take picturesque panoramic pictures of the bay and Palm Island.

You can also enjoy a unique cruise around the island and within the waters of its shores, on a speedboat or yacht.

Go to the beach

Dubai water canal
Dubai water canal

The beaches of Palm Island offer many water sports that you can take advantage of, from swimming to paddle boarding.

Have your Meal

The island includes several cafes and restaurants, where you can have a delicious meal in a wonderful atmosphere, the most famous of which are the Fairmont Club, Pier 7, and the Mina Club.


Magic Planet
Magic Planet

You can enjoy shopping through the many malls located on either side of Jumeirah Walk.

Palm Islands Dubai Restaurant

Ossiano Restaurant

Immerse yourself in elegance and dining in a distinctive experience that your memory will not forget at Ossiano Restaurant, which has won more than five awards since its opening at the Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeirah, and although the location itself may be the main attraction of the restaurant.

The food speaks for itself with An amazing array of seafood provides guests with plenty of options, and while the dining experience here is unforgettable.

You will also enjoy the soothing live music that accompanies the wonderful meal in a charming romantic setting.

Yuan Restaurant

The Middle East may be far from China, but that does not mean that locals cannot serve up great Chinese food, and the world-class Atlantis Resort is home to the award-winning Chinese Yuan Restaurant, which will offer you a variety of delicious Chinese dishes.

With a unique character of the wonderful balance between sweet and sour flavors, which are very popular with visitors to the city, you cannot miss when visiting the sweet and sour chicken experience.

Palm Islands Dubai Location

you will find the location of the palm here

Places to visit near Palm Islands Dubai

Aquaventure Park

Aquaventure in Palm Island

You can also visit the Aquaventure Park, which includes several exciting water games, and enjoy a tour of the underwater corridors of the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

One of the most important tourist places in Dubai, and it is a water park suitable for children and adults.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium
Dubai Aquarium

Aquarium corridors are designed completely underwater so you can see fish and sharks through the glass barriers.

Etihad Park

Etihad park
Etihad park

Did you know that there is a 2.7 km jogging track in Etihad Park on The Palm? Perhaps what’s even more amazing about this trail is that it is often covered in lush trees dotted with shrubs of young herbs and young trees.

This means you can enjoy the scent of fresh thyme or lavender while taking a brisk morning walk. Don’t forget to finish your workout with a coffee or a snack at one of the many cafes or restaurants on the Golden Mile.

Union Park

Union Park
Union Park

The park is located in the center of the “Palm” Palm and is separated from the highway with a “wall” of hotels, with a large number of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

You can spend some time after a tour or stroll between 60 varieties of plants and shrubs, on an area of ​​1.1 A million square feet, then you can walk around and have dinner in a restaurant.

Hotels in Palm Islands Dubai

Palm Jumeirah includes a huge number of five-star hotels, which number more than fifteen hotels.

JA Hotel on Jebel Ali Beach

JA Hotel on Jebel Ali Beach
JA Hotel on Jebel Ali Beach

JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in the UAE, with very good reviews, and it is 4.1 kilometers from Palm Island in Dubai.

It Location is excellent and quiet, the rooms are comfortable, the staff helpful, and some visitors complained about poor hotel services, clean rooms, and beach. Read More.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm
Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel is the main attraction for all visitors to Palm Jumeirah, as it is connected to the mainland, and through it, guests can enjoy amazing views of the island from this amazing place, which is an enjoyable destination for entertainment and spend some wonderful time. Read More

Visitors can also enjoy the following places in Atlantis:

  • Aquaventure water park for entertainment
  • Sea Lion Center
  • Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium

Information about Palm Islands Dubai

The location of Palm Island in Dubai is on the western side of the Mall of the Emirates, north of the Dubai Marina Walk.

The island includes several parks, and it is imperative to take a tour of Dubai’s luxurious restaurants that offer the best meals.

The island includes Jumeirah Walkway; It is a charming and picturesque promenade, containing a large number of shopping centers, linking both Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Island.

Divided in the form of a palm tree with four sections:

  • The first section is the trunk of the Palm Island Dubai.
  • The second section of Palm Islands Dubai Jumeirah is the stem of the palm or the center of the palm.
  • The third section consists of seventeen palm fronds.
  • The fourth and final section is the circular crescent surrounding the palm, which is a wave breaker that surrounds the palm from all directions.

Nakheel Real Estate established the Palm Islands and designed the Al Jazeera Bridge to connect the trunk of the palm to the land area outside the palm islands Dubai.

The company has designed a tunnel dedicated to the passage of cars linking the Crescent and the Palm Center.

The crescent moon surrounding the island is 200 meters wide, and nearly 17 meters long.

According to the engineering information on the Palm Islands Dubai, a dedicated railway line has been established to cross the Palm Electric Train, which passes over a distance of 1000 meters, to connect the Palm trunk lane, which is the main station of the train, and the Atlantis Hotel on the island’s beach.