Riverland Dubai: Tickets Prices, Location & Timing

Did you know that you, as a lover to embrace other cultures, have a wonderful destination in Dubai before, which is the Riverland Dubai? Whether you like Indians, Irish, or even the French?

Here is Dubai Riverland, one of the huge and massive five parks in Dubai, located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, and which can be considered originally one of the largest entertainment destinations in the Middle East as a whole, where the areas of these parks are estimated to exceed twenty-five million square kilometers, these parks feature what exceeds 100 rides and attractions. They are basically five parks:

  • Motion gate Dubai
  • Bollywood Parks
  • Legoland
  • Legoland Water Park
  • Riverland

Our article today is focused on how you can wander the Riverland Road, choose what you want to visit, and enjoy it to the max

Riverland Dubai and its 4 zones:

Speaking about Riverland Dubai Parks which is a destination for retail and dining enthusiasts, in addition to the presence of a Polynesian-themed family resort, the Lapita Hotel Dubai. it is the gateway to entering Dubai’s gardens in general, and it is a destination park that has its own character. Entry and wandering in it is very enjoyable and all of that even without even paying a single cent!

Entry is completely free! Did you think that you can wander beside the river and wander through the large and different eras of our past through the park areas before? Four zones with a fascinating glimpse and they are all free to visit with a wide range of offers, followed by the planned street theatre and entertainment

With a mix of more than 50 restaurants, cafes, and shops that stretch along the 1-kilometer-long made-up waterway, it boasts four entertainment, music, entertainment, and food districts, so let me take you on a tour of what you can enjoy there.

Here his 4 zones to enjoy in Riverland:

  • The Peninsula: a live concerts and festivals zone along the river.
  • The French Village: near Legoland Dubai, features Mediterranean-style dining harking back to Europe in the 1600s
  • India Gate: close to the entry to Bollywood Park, designed to seem in 1930s India.
  • Boardwalk: inspired by America in the 1950s

The Peninsula Dubai

In the heart of Riverland, and you will be able to explore and enjoy various festivals and concerts, it is Surrounded by the river, you will be capable of enjoying an outdoor venue and a view of impressive bridges that connects two zones. The architectural theme of the 19th century adds to the character of all of the area, Watching recreated factory buildings and blocks back in time to the industrial revolution era will make you feel like a time traveler. In addition to a glass-enclosed kid’s room filled with toys and a play kitchen which makes The Peninsula a kid-friendly zone.

Alongside the river, there are popular restaurants in the peninsula: ECCO Pizza & Pasta, Big Chef’s Café & Brasserie, Costa Coffee, the Irish village, and Al Mashowa


The French Village Dubai

Contemplating point by the medieval French town and soak in the historic architecture of Europe in the late 1600s at The French Village. Cobbled streets and meandering alleyways will astonish your mind, lilting street music and street performances, pebbled bridges to connect zones and areas, a replica and the first copy of Medieval Dijon the historical capital of Burgundy,  also the water wheel which will draw you in, a good shopping destination for souvenirs, outdoor dining, and Gallery One for paintings for crafting your name into jewelry which is a special feature to appeal to art enthusiast.

Enjoy the coffee shops, Mediterranean inspired restaurants, such as Pascal Tepper, Giraffe, The Bagel Bar, McDonald’s, Olive Garden, and Starbucks

riverland Dubai
Riverland Dubai

India Gate Dubai

By Entering you will feel like wandering the streets of Mumbai, an Asian royal welcome with musicians and acrobats, the magnificent sculpture will astonish you as you set out to wander the colorful streets of Mumbai and other bustling regions, the Gateway of India where traditional Indian drummers often hunt their drums and dance their amazing dances!

Craving for a spicy curry and wondering where to eat? India Gate restaurants are home to mixed casual dining venues and quick eateries to tantalize your taste buds and make you drool.

There are several cafes and restaurants in this area that serve traditional Asian and Indian cuisine, such as Covey, BBQ Delights, Paul Gaba, Harrow Robatayake, And qi, Shrimpy and wok chi

riverland Dubai
Riverland Dubai

Boardwalk Dubai

A perfect place for people seeking  Exploring and reliving a nostalgic thrill of early Americas in the 1950´s era and walking through an urban buzzy street swarming with excitement and entertainment, from jugglers to live entertainment to lofty structures, and the golden palm trees of California, and glamorous neon signage all around. It also has savored a variety of ice creams, giant marshmallows, and other sweets from Fezziwig’s Candy Factory

Here is a list of restaurant and cafes you can enjoy:

TGI Fridays, the Coffee Club, Super Chix, Tortilla, Ella’s Creamery, Fuzziwig’s, Galito’s, Famous Dave’s, and 800 Degrees

riverland Dubai
Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai Tickets Prices

completely free, Enjoy being there and the past eras without even paying.

Riverland Dubai Timing:

From 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Saturday – Wednesday) / 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Thursday and Friday)

Riverland Dubai Location

takes about 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 15 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport, 30 minutes from Dubai, and 45 minutes from Abu Dhabi. you can find the location here.

Hotels near Riverland Dubai

Riverland already has the Lapita Hotel, which is an excellent option for those wishing to stay near the park.

Common Asked Questions:

  • How do you get to Riverland by car?

about 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai, and 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport. take Sheikh Zayed Road if you wanted to reach Abu Dhabi.

  • How do you get to Riverland Dubai by bus?

about 90 minutes from Downtown and to reach downtown take Al Nasr Road.

  • What about the recreational activities that Riverland Dubai offers?

Cultural and entertainment events and the celebration of several occasions such as the National Day of the United Arab Emirates and Christmas. During the winter, outdoor classic films are shown, and visitors can also watch the fireworks at weekends and on special occasions.

  • How much does it cost to enter Riverland Dubai?

Riverland is distinguished among other Dubai parks by having totally free entrance

  • Is there free parking in Riverland Dubai?

Riverland Dubai parking is not free at the moment. There is an AED 20 parking costs AED 100. The annual pass holders can enjoy complimentary valet parking at Dubai Parks and Resorts. There is also a dedicated parking space for disabled persons.

  • How many restaurants are there in Riverland Dubai?

Over 50 food and beverage outlets in Riverland Dubai are located in four distinct areas to browse its splendid shreds of different cultural backgrounds. These areas include popular food outlets Starbucks, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, The Irish Village, and more if you want to get out of the history and get back into the present.

  • What are other available facilities in Riverland Dubai?

ATMs, lockers, first aid stations, wheelchairs, and drinking fountains. You can also rent strollers to walk with your little ones.

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