Safa Park Dubai: Ticket Price, How to Reach & More

Safa Park Dubai is one of the first parks to be opened simultaneously with Mushrif Park, and It is one of the most famous parks in Dubai, as it is considered one of the best tourist places in Dubai.

The name of a garden in Dubai is not related to its reality as it is associated with the name of Safa Park Dubai, as the tranquility that surrounds the park confirms that it is aptly named. 

Green gardens are spread all over the Emirates, and they are all distinguished by their fresh trees, wide surfaces, and clean air, which sends reassurance and tranquility in the soul.

Perhaps the most unique thing about these gardens is the intense interest in them and the attempt to develop them periodically.

The park contains three artificial lakes, more than 200 different species of birds, and 16,924 species of trees and shrubs beside a small forest and a hill with a panoramic view of the garden, and a waterfall flowing from the hill.

Safa Park Dubai

Things to do In Safa Park Dubai

Safa Jumeirah Park provides a wide range of activities and facilities that allow you to spend a wonderful time in its lively atmosphere with your loved one, besides being one of the most beautiful parks in the emirate of Dubai.

Safa Park Dubai
Safa Park Dubai

It is also one of the best places in Dubai for an outdoor barbecue and one of the top 10 destinations to practice my sport Walking and running in Dubai. 

The park provides several facilities and activities for its visitors:

  • Several sports fields (basketball, football, volleyball)
  • A sports track
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Wooden chairs and tables
  • BBQ areas
  • Electronic games area
  • Bicycles can be rented
  • Small boats for cruising the lake
  • Various restaurants and kiosks
  • Private garden theater
  • Ladies’ garden
  • Free parking for visitors
  • Chapels

The most beautiful Safa Gardens Dubai also provides facilities for people of determination, to facilitate their entry to the park, wander around and enjoy all its services.

Safa Park Dubai Tickets Price

  • 3 Dirhams per person
  • Free for children under two years and people of determination

Safa Park Dubai Restaurant

Safa Park Dubai

Taksim Cafe & Restaurant

Taksim Cafe is a promising Turkish / Arabic restaurant to watch out for. They serve grills, salads, pies, kinds of pasta, pizzas, hot and cold mezze, and of course shawarmas to satisfy everyone’s craving.

Let’s Organic Restaurant & Café

Affordable in a portion of decent and delicious quality food. This dining experience perfect for all ages at any time of the day.

Shay Al Youm Restaurant

Excellent and prompt service and a clean, well-maintained eaterie with a good selection including kebabs, burgers, soups.

Safa Park Dubai Timing

  • From Sunday to Wednesday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • From Thursday to Saturday and public holidays from 08:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening

Safa Park Dubai Location

it is located in Bur Dubai on four roads, including two main roads, namely Sheikh Zayed Road at Interchange No. (2) opposite the canal on one side and the other side on Al Wasl Road opposite the Al Safa Library And the Union Cooperative Society

Places near Safa Park Dubai

Dubai water canal

Dubai water canal

The canal includes five pedestrian bridges that allow you to contemplate the most spectacular views of Dubai, and many shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities have been established along the canal.

Dubai Waterfall

Dubai Waterfall

Beautiful man-made waterfall in the middle of a city… The colors are excellent and have a Walkway with good ambient for walking. Excellent place for exercise and morning walk

Hotels near Safa Park Dubai

V Hotel Al Habtoor City 

V Hotel Al Habtoor City

A 5-star rating, with a very good rating among the best hotels in Dubai, as it is located directly in front of the park.

The hotel received very good reviews for the location, hygiene, privacy, and staff. Read more.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

A 5-star rating, with a great rating among the best hotels in Dubai, as it is less than a 5-minute walk from the park.

The hotel received great reviews for the location, view, cleanliness, and staff. Some visitors complained about poor Wi-Fi. Read more.

How to Reach Safa Park Dubai

The park is located on Al Hadiqa Street. The nearest metro station to this park is Business Bay.

You can either walk or take a taxi from this metro station to reach Safa Park. It is just 1.2 km away.

Safa Park Dubai Contact Details

Phone: 043492111 – 0508589894

And if you have any inquiries about the garden, you can contact the following numbers: 043492111 or 0508589894.

Other Information

Al Safa Park was established in 1975 in the suburbs of Dubai, and it is located on an area of 158,147 acres (64 hectares). 

The park is bordered by Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Street, Al Hadiqa Street, and 55 Street. 

There are also four entrances to the park, each entrance overlooking one of the streets bordering the park.

Safa Park is one of the best and most famous places in Dubai, and it is also the oldest of Dubai’s parks. It has been renewed and developed more than once by the government, to include more various facilities that serve its visitors.

The park has 4 entrances, each of which is bordered by a different street, and these streets include Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Street, Garden Street, and 55 Street, as well as crossing the Dubai Water Canal.

Al Safa Park provides many pioneering facilities and services for people of determination, whether in its various facilities or facilities, through modern designs that take into account the needs of this segment of society and respond to its energies and capabilities. These facilities include:

  • Parking spaces near the park entry gates
  • Streamlined corridors
  • Public facilities, including private toilets, and others.

Questions & Answers

How is Safa Bark distinguished?

The location of Safa Park in Dubai is distinguished by its location in the heart of the city center near the prominent landmarks

What landmarks are close to safa park?

Al Safa area near Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, Dubai World Trade Center, Jumeirah, and Business Bay, which is one of the most beautiful Safa parks in Dubai. 

When was the park established?

The park was established in 1975, and its area is approximately 158 acres, and green areas cover 80%. 

What does safa park contains?

Safa Park Dubai embraces 3 artificial lakes, more than 200 species of birds, more than 16 thousand species of trees and plants, a waterfall, and a hill that provides a panoramic view of the most beautiful landscapes.

What is unique about Safa Park?

What is most unique about Safa Park is its greenery amidst a city that bustles with activity throughout the day. Starting From finding a niche here to read a book in peace to making use of the sports facilities for exercise, it offers visitors a range of reasons to spend time in the park. On top of that, it gives one a spectacular view of Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Water Canal, and the Burj Khalifa.

Is Safa Park free?

​Facilities and Services:
Free Playgrounds for park visitors (basketball) Prayer rooms. Restaurants and cafeterias. Public facilities (restrooms).

Is there anything for kids?

Numerous playgrounds and an amusement arcade are available for the kids, barbeque stations are set up around the edge for family picnics and bikes are available for rent to explore the park.