Ski Dubai: Discover Activities, Tickets & Timing

Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the most important tourist destinations in the emirate, and is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, and includes the largest snow park in the world, giving visitors a sense of being in the Arctic due to the low temperatures inside this snowy city.

The activities within Ski Dubai, which spans over an area of ​​22,500 square meters and is covered with real snow, make it the first and last resort for amateur and professional skiing residents and tourists alike.

The snow city in Dubai also contains a park that extends over an area of 3 thousand meters that contains snow caves and places for families to a picnic where you can sip a cup of hot chocolate.

Snow City was opened in Dubai in 2005, and it was ranked third as the best snowy slopes in the world, and the number of visitors to the park reached about two million visitors per year.

Ski Dubai Tour

Sky Dubai includes a wide range of activities such as; Snowball, the ski school, meeting the penguin, in addition to the variation in skiing levels from elementary to a professional level, a free skating area without any restrictions, and last but not least the largest snow park in the world with an area of ​​up to 3 thousand square meters.

Things to do in Ski Dubai

Snow bullet “snow shot”

  • A new experience that allows lovers of excitement and adventure to fly and slide by seats installed in the air on suspended ropes 16 meters from the floor of the place and set off for a distance of 150 meters along Ski Dubai snow hills and watch the skiers below and this can be shared by two people in this distinctive experience at the same time by Two vehicles installed on two separate ropes.
  • Children over 8 years old who weigh between 30 to 125 kg and who are over 120 cm can participate in this unique game.

Meet the snowy penguins

  • The offers by these snow penguins, who were brought from the pole to live in Ski Dubai in a specially designed place, consisting of a water lake with a rocky area, allow them to roam freely. In addition to the possibility of seeing two penguins, “King” and “Gento” and taking pictures with them.


  • One of the most important activities in Ski Dubai, or as it is known as Snow World Dubai, is skiing on the snowy slopes inside the place, which can be reached on foot or by using the cable car that takes visitors to the summit, to start the skiing trip using a sled or custom shoes and equipped with ski blades. It is also possible to play with snow and make a beautiful snowman.

Ski school

  • This school provides an opportunity to teach beginners snowboarding using sleds or sleds that are worn on the feet.

Ski Tickets Tickets Price

Ski Dubai prices listed below include a protective dress with gloves and a hat to protect against the cold inside the venue.

Ski Dubai ticket15095
A Junior ice rink ticket180—–
Snowboarding ticket—–150
A Full-day Ski Dubai ticket300240

Tickets are available on the official Ski Dubai website, where you can choose the section you want to visit and pay online to complete the pre-booking.

Ski Dubai Restaurants

Abrya restaurant

  • Discover the magnificent slopes of the Alps in the heart of the chalet-style restaurant and lounge, with great views of Ski Dubai.

North 28

  • Inspired by the twenty-eighth circle north of the equator, our name represents the path that winds through the snowy peaks of Mount Everest and makes its way into the golden dunes of the Middle East. At North 28, you can experience a unique mixture of cold and heat, of fire and snow.

Ski Dubai Timing

  • Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight
  • Friday and Saturday: 09:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight

Ski Dubai Location

Sky Dubai is located on the ground floor inside the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the nearest car park is “I”, and it can be accessed using the Dubai Metro tunnel attached to the Mall of the Emirates. you can see the location

Places to visit near Ski Dubai

Emirates Mall

  • The luxurious Mall of the Emirates welcomes more than 40 million visitors every year, who come to enjoy the best shopping and entertainment experiences and the best restaurants.
  • Mall of the Emirates is home to the largest fashion and fashion brands, as well as two five-star hotels: Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates and Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel, as well as a Dubai Metro station and unique entertainment venues such as Ski Dubai and the largest VOX Cinemas in the Middle East.
Emirates Mall
Emirates Mall

Magic Planet

  • Children will experience untold fun at Magic Planet, as it includes many fun games, in addition to a trampoline and a children’s safe area. This also includes the Astro Blasters game, in which children will fly among the stars, in one of the most important adventures that we recommend to try at Mall of the Emirates.
Magic Planet
Magic Planet


  • Enjoy cycling or jogging along the palm-lined lanes of the Dubai Marina Walk
  • If you are looking for tourist places on or near Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina would be an ideal choice, which includes many activities that will make you feel excited and fun.

Dubai Marina Walk

  • The Dubai Marina Walk is characterized by wide lanes surrounded by palm trees and vast green spaces, where the lively atmosphere and the stunning views of the marina.
  • You can also enjoy an outdoor picnic or bike ride by the illuminated fountain next to Emaar Marina Towers.
Dubai Marina Walk
Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Internet city

  • Dubai Internet City is the largest information and communication technology community in the Middle East and North Africa and is located in the heart of the Emirate of Dubai near Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Media City specifically along Jumeirah Street overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and connects to many entertainment destinations such as The Beach.
  • In addition to residential complexes and areas such as Dubai Marina and JBR. In this article, we will talk about the most prominent information related to this city that contributed to strengthening Dubai’s economy on the world level.
Dubai Internet city
Dubai Internet city

Skydive Dubai

  • Skydive Dubai is flying like a bird over one of the most spectacular tourist jumping areas in the UAE
  • Where you jump from the plane at a height of 13 thousand feet and enjoy an exciting and unique experience, and paragliding is one of the best tourism activities in Dubai
  • In addition to the presence of a group of experienced trainers who completed nearly 220,000 jumps
  • Be completely confident that you are in safe hands and strong belts that secure your jump, in addition to the company of a coach with you in the sky.
Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

Hotels Near Ski Dubai

Flora Al Barsha

  • A 4-star hotel in the Emirates Dubai, just 200 meters from the Snow City in Dubai. Great for location and quiet.
  • At Flora Al Barsha, they strive to make guests feel comfortable. To do this, the hotel provides the best services and facilities.
Flora Al Barsha
Flora Al Barsha

Jumeirah Mina Al Salam

  • A 5-star hotel in Dubai, 2.4 km from Dubai’s Snow City. Excellent for comfort and hygiene.
  • The heart of the Madinat Jumeirah Resort is a boutique-style hotel. It offers beachfront accommodation.
Jumeirah Mina Al Salam
Jumeirah Mina Al Salam

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