Palm Islands Dubai: Best 7 Things To Do & Location

Palm Island Dubai

The Palm Islands Dubai or Palm Jumeirah as it is called is the largest man-made island designed and built entirely by man-made in the waters of the city of Dubai, as it was built with a unique design manufactured from a group of artificial archipelagos. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, which includes the most …

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Dubai Fountain: Best Activities, Tickets Price & Timing

Dubai fountain

The Emirate of Dubai embraces a group of prominent tourist attractions, high-rise commercial, and residential towers, as well as a collection of massive shopping centers and other tourist sites that every person in the world wishes to visit and explore closely! Dubai is still enchanting us with everything new and modern, as you find it is constantly working on developing …

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Dubai Aquarium: Discover Top 5 Things to Do

Dubai Aquarium

There are many wonders in the world, the most famous of which of course are the Seven Wonders, but have you ever thought of wonders beyond the limits of your imagination? Talking about wonders by the way, did you know that Dubai has a modern significant one of these wonders? did you? ok, here is Dubai Aquarium which contains a …

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