Dubai Creek: Best 5 Things To Do, Tickets & Timing

Dubai creek

Dubai is full of unique architectural features that have made it a cultural tourism destination that combines originality and modernity. Dubai Creek Harbor project, which extends over a distance of 6 kilometers on the banks of the charming waterfront. Dubai Creek is a river-like seabed that divides the city of Dubai into two main parts, about 15 km long, and …

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Dubai Aquarium: Discover Top 5 Things to Do

Dubai Aquarium

There are many wonders in the world, the most famous of which of course are the Seven Wonders, but have you ever thought of wonders beyond the limits of your imagination? Talking about wonders by the way, did you know that Dubai has a modern significant one of these wonders? did you? ok, here is Dubai Aquarium which contains a …

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