The Pointe Palm Jumeirah: Best Attractions, Restaurants & More!

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah overlooks Atlantis gives visitors a unique entertainment experience against a charming waterfront adorned with Dubai’s high-rise landmarks and towers.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah combines charming waterfront restaurants, shops, and kiosks, in addition to a group of fountains accompanied by lighting and music that provide visitors with amazing offers for visitors to this destination.

The pointe palm Jumeirah includes more than 80 restaurants and shops where you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs, eat delicious food amidst views of the waterfront or watch the latest movies while children enjoy their time in the entertainment facilities.

This destination includes a promenade that extends 1.5 km into the sea, near the “Atlantis” The Palm, and is the ideal place for an outdoor picnic amidst views of the sea.

The Pointe palm Jumeirah also hosts several high-profile concerts and events throughout the year.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah Tour

In this article, we would like to show you some activities you would like to experience if you are heading to The Pointe Palm Jumeirah

Things to do in The Pointe Palm Jumeirah

The Dancing Fountain

the dancing fountain
The dancing fountain

The Dubai Dancing Fountain is no longer the only fountain that captures the world’s attention, as the pointe palm Jumeirah Dancing Fountain was opened on Thursday, October 22, 2020, in the presence of a large crowd.


the pointe palm
The pointe palm

It is planned that the pointe Palm Jumeirah will become a destination for parties and festivals, as it hosts the largest festivals and parties that will be the largest at the local and international levels.

Besides, a range of events are held, such as ladies evenings, brunch shows, and many more, and all events can be viewed by visiting the official website of The Point.

Reel Cinemas

reel cinema

The pointe palm Jumeirah is distinguished by its inclusion in Reel Cinemas, one of the most famous cinemas in Dubai

As it provides visitors at The pointe with the opportunity to experience classic American cuisine while watching the latest films, which is supervised by international chef Guy Fieri.

Cheeky Monkeys

cheeky monkeys

Sheki Monkeys is one of the best indoor entertainment places for children in Dubai, as it provides children with a huge play and learning space.

Taking into account the application of the highest safety standards, and the games are divided into 5 levels, and there is also an area for children’s parties.

The Yellow Boats

the yellow boats
The yellow boats

The Yellow Boats has won many awards in the field of water sports, as it provides visitors with the opportunity to try water boats, which can be included in the list of activities that you can do in Dubai during the summer season

It also organizes first-class tours to spend the most beautiful times with your family and friends.

PinPoint Fitness

pinpoints fitness

PinPoint Fitness specializes in organizing fitness classes to achieve a healthy weight

The center is characterized by limiting lessons to the presence of 10 trainees in each lesson only seeking to improve the customer training experience with high levels of focus and accuracy.

Fit Box Gym

fix box gym
fix box gym

Fit Box Gym is one of the most famous sports clubs in Palm Jumeirah, providing subscribers with the latest equipment within modern facilities that simulate the highest standards.

Shops and stores in The Pointe

the pointe palm
The pointe palm
  • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Perfumes
  • Impro Craft
  • Hamk for beach clothes
  • I Dubai souvenirs
  • Plazzo Jewelry

The pointe palm Jumeirah Restaurants

If you are looking for the best restaurants to have an unparalleled dinner in Dubai, Here is the list of all the restaurants in the pointe Palm Jumeirah:

the pointe palm jumeirah5
  • The Belgian Waffle: It serves the most delicious traditional Belgian desserts, along with juices and hot drinks. Every day from 9 am to midnight
  • The Seafood Kitchen: Spread over two levels, with a décor inspired by the mint market, it allows you to choose whatever fresh seafood you want and your preferred way of folding it.
  • Pizza Hut: Everyone knows this international chain, which offers a great variety of pizzas as well as different side dishes.

The pointe palm Jumeirah Timing

The Palm Jumeirah is accessible 24/7. The timing of nightclubs, restaurants, and retail stores may vary.  

The pointe palm Jumeirah Location

The pointe is located in Palm Jumeirah, 5 km into the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Places to visit near the pointe Palm Jumeirah  

The Lost Chambers Basin

lost champer
Lost Champer

The unique aquarium programs allow guests the opportunity to dive deeper into the wonderful world of these precious animals while learning closely about how to care for and care for them.

Dubai strives to build sustainable means of communication with marine life and to encourage more conservation behaviors.

Hotels near the pointe Palm Jumeirah

Kempinski the Palm Jumeirah

Kempinski the Palm Jumeirah

Kempinski The Palm Jumeirah is one of the most prominent hotels near The pointe Palm Jumeirah resembles a luxurious palace surrounded by ripe palm trees and features suites that offer charming views from its beautiful windows. Read more.

Anantara the Palm

Anantara the Palm

The concept of beachfront luxury is confined to the famous Palm Jumeirah Dubai hotel known as Anantara The Palm, due to its unique geographical location off the coast of Dubai

Its luxurious villas were built on the water’s surface as well as luxurious apartments with their colors, designs, and facilities. Read more.

How to Reach the pointe Palm Jumeirah

Car: The best way to get to the pointe palm Jumeirah is by car, as there are 1,600 parking spaces available. You can also get a taxi, Uber, or Careem. The destination’s car park has opened, which can accommodate about 1,600 cars,

You can access it via the Palm Metro or speedboats.

The Pointe Contact Details

Tel:   043909999


Questions & Answers about Pointe Palm

What is the Best Time to Visit the pointe palm Jumeirah?

The best time to visit Dubai, in general, is the winter season, specifically the period between November to March, and the reason is that the temperatures are significantly lower than usual, because the weather in Dubai is by nature dry and hot, so winter is a good time to travel to Dubai, and enjoy all recreational activities without feeling Exhausted because of the weather.

What is the Best time to book cheapest airline tickets?

The best time to book airline tickets at a low price varies from one destination to another, but if you are looking for the cheapest time to travel to Dubai, it is summer without a doubt, specifically months (June, July, and August), and the reason is the high temperature of 40 degrees, This makes getting out and about in Dubai so stressful and stressful that most people shy away from traveling to Dubai in the summer.

Is Pointe Beach free?

The pointe palm Jumeirah is a place where you can get some local and delicious food which provides free access to the Palm Jumeirah beach. You don’t have to pay to go to the beach. It is open to everyone and people of all ages enjoy this place as well.

Is the pointe palm Jumeirah fountain free?

Yes, the palm fountain in Dubai broke the Guinness World Record for the largest fountain in the world. Visitors can watch live palm fountain shows for free. You can also watch shows from one of the many restaurants and bars at The pointe palm Jumeirah on Palm Jumeirah. Are there places to sit in the palm fountain?

Is Palm Jumeirah open to the public?

There is no entry fee to visit Palm Jumeirah. Visitors only need to pay for their personal activities and experiences.

Can you wander Palm Jumeirah?

The Palm Jumeirah Walk is a boardwalk hugging the coast behind Atlantis, The Palm, and it is built over the breakwater rocks of The Palm. The corridor stretches from the Rixos Hotel on the eastern side of the crescent to One & Only The Palm in the west, a hotspot for socializing with friends.